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One-Trick Donkey: The Democrat and His Precious Race Card

September 29, 2009

Jeremiah Wright Trick

Bubba Clinton…Van Jones…Jimmy Carter…Al Gore…Walter Mondale…Jesse Jackson…Jeremiah Wright!

Arianna…Donahue…Charlie Rangel…Barry O…Chris Matthews…John Dingell… Janeane Garafalo!

Think Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire and just keep adding names as they pop into your head. I stopped at verse three-hundred-twenty-nine, but there’s nothing to keep you from going on with this little musical exercise, well, forever. If there’s one thing that might (remember, I said might) rival the sanctity of infanticide as a holy rite in the cult of “progressive” liberalism, it is the sacred art of playing the race card.

You didn’t vote for Obama last year?

They know why.

You did vote for The One, but have since become disenchanted with the course he’s charted for the nation?

They congratulate you for overcoming those unfortunate impulses of yours back in November, but clearly a certain, *ahem*, “issue” has since resurfaced.

You say you oppose Obamacare?

They’re onto your real problem. They know what you really oppose.

You don’t like the thought of rationed health-care, increased funding of infanticide, providing tax-payer funded health-care to illegal immigrants or plunging the nation even deeper down the path to financial oblivion in order to make all of this possible?

They know what you really don’t like here…and it has nothing to do with health care.

You want lower taxes and less government?

C’mon now, they know what you really want to see less of. 

You don’t like it when state-controlled schools instruct the little kiddies given over to them in praise and worship of The One?

And why would that be? Hmmm…

As always, they know the real answer here: You are, in fact, a racist.

So just shut up already about Obama, Obamacare, the Obama Youth, tax cuts, tax hikes, ever-increasing mountains of debt, rationed health-care, death panels, funding of infanticide, skyrocketing unemployment, rank negligence in the “all important” Afghan conflict, government takeovers of private businesses, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. You have no case to make on these or any other issues, at least not one that they’re going to allow.

They don’t wanna hear it, they won’t hear it, and they will do anything that they can to prevent you from saying it.

This is “progress”.

This is the “change” that Obama has brought to America.

The contemporary American Democrat party has become a one-trick donkey, perpetually using its one-size-fits-all weapon of suppression to bludgeon opposition into silence on every issue of this or any other day. The race card has become their universal solvent. It’s their out-punch.

As of late, it seems to be their only punch.

Pathetic and frustrating though this may be, it is in fact a very good thing. Beautiful, even. For us, anyway.

As we go about the business of pummeling the forces of “progressive” liberalism, we need not fear their one and only rhetorical weapon of significance. Their one trick isn’t playing anymore. Their out-punch is always telegraphed. Their favorite tool is totally spent.

This won’t stop them from using it, of course. They will continue. It’s all they know.

But nobody’s buying what they’re selling anymore. The gig is up.

The forces of imposed “progress” don’t yet seem to realize that their little one-trick donkey show is, for all practical purposes, over. It’s finished, but they just can’t let it go. The performance goes on, though the crowd has lost all interest and left the building.

Of course, this makes those of us in the crowd entirely racially motivated, but we knew that already. We’ve heard it all again and again…

…and it just doesn’t matter.

We will oppose Obamacare.

We will oppose tax increases.

We will oppose infanticide, amnesty for illegal immigrants, government takeovers of the private sector and the ceaseless, radical amplification of our national debt.

We will do so loudly, proudly and defiantly, all while effortlessly dodging that lame, gimpy little punch that you so desperately throw again and again.

It has no sting. You hit like a girl (or a Barney Frank).

We didn’t start this fire, but we sure can put it out.


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