Messiah to Address Obama Youth Directly on Tuesday

Smokin' Obama

Children gathered into state controlled “education” facilities across the nation will break from the standard routine of instruction at the hands of lower-level state employees and directly experience the teleprompted wisdom of Barack Hussein Obama during a speech planned for this coming Tuesday, September 8th. By focusing on the most malleable, defenseless and controlled of American minds, The One hopes to reclaim political momentum and combat the ungrateful, ignorant masses who have recently risen in vocal opposition to his plans for socialized medicine in America.

State educated children will be asked to listen to the speech and consider a variety of thought provoking questions and concepts, such as:

  • What is the President asking me to do?
  • What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?
  • Shouldn’t Grandma just shut up, take the pill and get on with dying already?

With state programmed youth gathered safely together in the protective arms of a federally controlled system, The One and his teleprompter will operate in a secured, politically favorable environment second only to that offered by network television news programs.

After the speech, government employed instructors operating within these government controlled institutions will aid children in better understanding the proper role of government in their lives.


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I am a wretch saved by grace by a God who, for His purposes and glory, chose to save me while I still hated Him. Woohoo! I am also the founder of R3V Press, publisher of books including "Fire Breathing Christians", "Apathetic Christianity: The Zombie Religion of American Churchianity", "Satan's Jackass: The Progressive Party's War on Christianity", "Stupid Elephant Tricks: The Other Progressive Party's War on Christianity", "The Beginning of Knowledge: Christ as Truth in Apologetics", and "Fiat Slavery: The Economics of Hell (and America)".
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