Holocaust x 7

You shall not murder.

Exodus 20:13 (ESV)


The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.

Democrat Party Platform, 2008


Hitler’s Holocaust:

Roughly 6,000,000

America’s Holocaust:

Roughly 41,000,000

The sacred ‘right’ to murder innocent children at any time, in any place, for any reason (or no reason at all), all on the taxpayer’s dime:


By a factor of nearly seven, we have outdone Nazi Germany’s most definitive act of evil.


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I am a wretch saved by grace by a God who, for His purposes and glory, chose to save me while I still hated Him. Woohoo! I am also the founder of R3V Press, publisher of books including "Fire Breathing Christians", "Apathetic Christianity: The Zombie Religion of American Churchianity", "Satan's Jackass: The Progressive Party's War on Christianity", "Stupid Elephant Tricks: The Other Progressive Party's War on Christianity", "The Beginning of Knowledge: Christ as Truth in Apologetics", and "Fiat Slavery: The Economics of Hell (and America)".
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One Response to Holocaust x 7

  1. Carlos says:

    Hitler’s attempt at genocide was and is despicable, but he was a piker compared to others in the twentieth century. Stalin killed multiple millions more of his countrymen than Hitler did of his, Mao and the later communist regimes the same, even Pol Pot was worse. They did it methodically and with malice aforethought, just as Hitler did.

    But still, only Stalin came anywhere close to the mass murder (with the state’s blessing, encouragement and taxes) that we in the United States have committed in the last 35 years.

    So, looking at it unemotionally, who justly deserves the death sentence from the Master of the universe?


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