Anti-Americanism is the New Blackula

Whitey hates blacks.

Whitey hates women.

And Whitey definitely hates Mexicans. Even more than he hates kittens, smiles and sunshine.

He lives to use, abuse, plunder and murder at every turn. That’s just what Whitey does.

Man, I hate Whitey more with every keystroke…and I’m white!

Whitey hates so much that he won’t even allow socialized medicine, socialized housing, open borders with Mexico, the dismantling of the U.S. military, or the disarming of the legal American citizenry. Yeah, this Whitey dude is that bad.

Clearly Whitey and his oppressive, inhumane, imperialistic and intolerably cruel America both deserve to die. They must be stopped. They must be destroyed. Only with the America of old left burnt to the ground (figuratively or literally – either is fine) will we finally be able to realize the “fundamental change” needed to make the world right again. You know, like in all of those other fine socialist countries…Greece, for example.

But who will rise to this noble cause?

Who will crush the imperialists and liberate the oppressed working class?

Who will take what the “rich” (read: anyone working hard to earn more than $40K) have and “spread that wealth” equally?

Who will destroy the profit motive and bring down the capitalist system?

Barack can’t do it alone. Not that he isn’t tryin’. 

It’s just that more is needed. More hope. More “fundamental change”. More progress. The One needs a good number two to make it all happen. A colorful sidekick, if you will.

We need more organizing of communities for the purpose of destroying the United States. We must foment more rage amongst those who are being cheated by the suppression of socialism in America. And we can always use more destruction of the core values that made America the single greatest nation known in all of recorded human history. But this is simply too much progress for one – even the One – man to achieve.

Fortunately for Barry O and the Progressives, Amerika has its second savior in as many years:


Welcome to Hollywood. Land of a million self-loathing American dreams and birthplace of the latest cool new “race war” fad.

And welcome to Machete!, the latest star-laden assault on everything that made these idiotic stars possible in the first place.

Machete was “once a decent man”. Really. After all, you can obviously trust Hollywood to know what makes for a decent guy.

He was even “living a decent life”, just in case that first wave of “decent” didn’t do the trick.

But now…now…thanks to Whitey and his draconian crackdown on ridiculous things like “crime”, now Machete “is a brutal savage who must slaughter to stay alive”.

See what Whitey did? He made poor little innocent and decent Machete get all brutally savage and stuff… 

Bad, bad Whitey!

Whitey deserves Machete/machete, and he’s gonna get ’em both! So bring on the righteous rage, mayhem, destruction and slaughter of Whitey’s America. There will be death. There will be mayhem. There will be Machete justice!

For Progressives, this is what qualifies as “the feel good hit of the summer”.

If we could just ship this Machete yahoo to Pandora, we might be on to something. I’d actually pay to see that Avatar sequel. But I digress…and I surely just got blacklisted for suggesting that anyone anything like Machete be “shipped off” to anywhere.

While the forces of tolerance and progress tarry and we have a moment before their planned storm of change, consider the following:

  1. Legal immigration is beautiful!
  2. Illegal anything is…*drumroll*… illegal
  3. Every other nation has enforced border control.
  4. Mexico has some of the most stringent border control standards on earth; many refer to them as “draconian”. Just ask any discontent Guatemalans with an eye toward their northern borders.
  5. There is only one race in this discussion. It’s called “human”. Feel free to check into it if your Hollywood/Progressive indoctrination has you doubting that one.

Finally, if you should wonder how you might deal with a real-life Machete coming to your home to bring Progressive “justice” to you and your family, just remember: The second amendment is a beautiful thing.

Use it.

While you still can.

And you can even incorporate a little Hollywood into your Machete stopping routine if you like, as in, “Two in the chest. One in the head.” That’s from Collateral.

Thanks, Hollywood! You’re the best!


My book, Fire Breathing Christians: The Transformative Power of the Common Believer, has just been listed at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It will be released on September 14. Your thoughts, support, and especially your prayers, are much appreciated!


Copyright 2010 S.A. Buss – Feel free to re-post this piece, but only with the copyright included and a link to Fire Breathing Christian whenever possible. Thank you!

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