Retarded by Design: The Mind Blowing Success of State-Controlled “Education”

Retarded by Design 2

“Public schools are a failure!” is one of the most thoroughly idiotic lines that we can ever let slip through our mouths as Christians.

“But my school is different,” is another.

“It’s filled with wonderful Christian teachers who pray all the time and go to good churches. They even preach the gospel by hidden code embedded in third grade math problems and the like. Oh, and there are always tons of talking bunny rabbits and unicorns happily frolicking and proclaiming the lordship of Christ on the playground, too!”

Okay, that last one is not quite what you’ll actually hear often from many professing Christians in defense of State-controlled “education”…but it is close.

So why do professing Christians believe such obviously idiotic things?


‘Cause we’re retarded.

How retarded?

Well, we can read or watch or hear story after story after story day after day after day about abuse after abuse after abuse, and then respond by…sending our children back for more!

Yep, we read, hear, and watch it all unfold with each passing revelation seeming to be worse than the last, and we keep right on feeding ’em to the beast.

“But wait!” you say, as I have already mentioned… “That’s not my public school!”

To which I am compelled to respond in a spirit of true love, based only on all evidence available from Scripture on down to textbooks and the official policies of every public school in America: Stop being retarded and please stop promoting the retardation of others (including your own children)!

We are our worst enemy. We are the problem. We have been so successfully retarded and programmed into compliance with a Genesis 3 worldview that we will send our children to the State for “education” no…matter…what.

Now that is success!

From a Statist/satanic point of view, anyway.

So it is that we desperately need to man up, open our eyes, take on a repentant, truth-seeking spirit by the grace of God, and acknowledge that of all State controlled (and therefore State-empowering and State-growing) institutions, “public education” has been and is far away the most remarkably and devastatingly successful of ’em all…and that we, as Christians, are most responsible.

Judgment begins with us (1 Peter 4:17).

As such, restoration is only possible for this culture if, by God’s grace, we lead the way in repentance and active submission to the Word of God in the vital, civilization-defining realm of children’s education.

This process of repentance and restoration requires our actively seeking to test what we believe and what we are doing when it comes to children’s education, and that begins with our dropping the excuses, defenses, and rationalizations that are even now being used by most professing Christians in America to prop up the very beast that is devouring their own children and actively perpetuating the destruction of what’s left of American culture.

Once we take that first unflinching, honest look at this subject, things fall into place very quickly and very easily. The State’s Genesis 3 worldview war against the Christian worldview epitomized in Deuteronomy 6 becomes painfully clear…

But hey, “no pain, no gain”, right?


There is soooooo much to gain, both for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. The bit of pain at the beginning here really amounts to little more than a pin prick in the long run when compared to the temporal and eternal consequences of what is being done right now through this culture’s Christian-fueled embrace of the Genesis 3 worldview. So please, please, please stick around and prayerfully consider these things, okay?


Here we go then…

Retarded by Design

In true retarding form, our progress and development have been purposefully inhibited, impeded, and delayed so that we might be more easily programmed and molded into good little compliant drones…drones who think, say, and act upon idiotic ideas like “public schools are a failure”, when, in fact, they are anything but.

A helpful approach to considering what it means to be retarded, or to retard someone’s development in the context of education, is to understand these concepts as they relate to discipleship as described in the Bible.

This is where we have to go as Christians in order to accurately understand any of these things…which is precisely why State-controlled systems will always do everything in their power to prevent that path from being taken.

Scripture presents us with an understanding of reality (a worldview) that is wholly and completely centered on the nature of Christ as revealed in His Word. In accordance with this, Scripture presents the pursuit of knowledge as an every moment of every day comprehensive kind of deal, and makes plain that all of our intellectual pursuits throughout each day are to be centered on Him as the guide and standard by which all things are measured and tested. The Christian life is built around not merely reading about, talking bout, or thinking about these truths, but by applying them. This faithful application is a mark of true disciples of Christ.

True Christians are all disciples of Christ, and the true Church is commanded to take His Gospel command to all people and “make disciples of the nations” (see: Matthew 28:18-20). The term “believe” as used in the Gospel command to “repent and believe” is not a belief of mere verbal confession or intellectual ascent. It is a belief that evidences itself by obedient application of the Word of God in all things at all times. That is the goal toward which all true Christians are called, inspired, and equipped to strive.

Discipleship is comprehensive. There is no disconnected, separable section of reality that is untouched by one’s core worldview, however much defenders of State-controlled, Christ-dismissing “education” might like to claim or pretend otherwise.

Everything is connected.

And everyone is a disciple.

Christian discipleship centers on the God-honoring worldview of Deuteronomy 6. As such, it is clearly, boldly and confidently at war on every front with the wildly popular worldview of Genesis 3.

Where the world exalts man-centered approaches to the pursuit of knowledge, Christians are called and equipped to proclaim Christ as the necessary core of all true things. Where pagans pretend that “education” can be successfully sequestered and rightly pursued apart from the nature of Christ, the Christian knows otherwise…and is lovingly commanded to act in accordance with that knowledge.

The man-centered State and the Christ-centered Church are diametrically opposed in their understanding of and purpose for the pursuit of knowledge. The secular State is enslaved and defined by the faux alternative approach to education first offered by the serpent to Adam and Eve in Eden (Genesis 3). This “you can, should, and must pursue knowledge apart from God” approach to life is, in a nutshell, the worldview foundation of secularism, our culture, and the present (and growing) American Corpo-Fascist State.

The Church, however, has been called and equipped to embrace and apply an entirely different approach to the pursuit of knowledge. This approach centers on the essential nature of Christ (Deuteronomy 6).

These two diametrically opposed worldviews therefore seek to create disciples through equally opposed approaches to discipleship. Nothing is more fundamental to worldview than one’s understanding of the nature of the pursuit of knowledge. This all-encompassing concept either centers explicitly on Christ, or on something other than Christ. From the Genesis 3 perspective, anything but Christ will do just fine.

For the Church, Christ-centered discipleship is the foundation of life and civilization. For the State, man-centered, Christ-dismissing discipleship is the foundation of the same.

These two foundations for the pursuit of knowledge – the Christ-centered and the Christ-dismissing – are the only two foundations available to anyone, anywhere, at any time in all of God’s creation. We are now living in an America that has all but completely fallen to the enemy because of its thorough embrace of the satanic Genesis 3 model for “education”.

We are in this dark and darkening place now as a culture first and foremost because Christians within the culture have rebelled against God in the most fundamental of ways where the pursuit of knowledge is concerned. We have rejected the Christ-centered worldview and pursuit of knowledge of Deuteronomy 6 and embraced the satanic counterfeit of Genesis 3.

In doing so, we’ve been retarded and  discipled – discipled by the State for generations now. We are so far down the rabbit hole of Genesis 3 worldview that most “good” churches in America are openly committed to the viability and reasonableness of State-controlled, Christ-dismissing, Genesis 3 “education” for children.

So here we are now, a bunch of purposefully retarded people, so stupifyingly clueless that we’re prone worry more about whether the word “retarded” is “too harsh” than we are to worry about whether or not it’s completely accurate.

This is because one of the primary ways in which our development has been radically retarded is that we have been encouraged to become and remain enslaved to our emotions.

Emotions are much easier to manipulate than informed, truth seeking minds, so this angle is not hard to understand at all. The State loves emotion-driven, happy-to-remain-ignorant subjects.

What do we actually believe here?

Please consider the following:


    1. to retard something is to “delay, hinder, or impede its development or progress” (Random House Dictionary, 2014),
    2. the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7),
    3. everything visible and invisible was created by Christ, through Christ, and for Christ (Colossians 1:15-17), and
    4. all treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ (Colossians 2:2-3),

…then we must be profoundly retarding the development and progress of our children by sending them off to the State for Christ-dismissing “education” and Genesis 3 worldview instruction starting at the age of five.

“Everything visible and invisible”, in case you didn’t know, includes math, art, philosophy, science, history, anthropology, philosophy…you name it.

“Everything” covers everything, so to pursue true and full knowledge of anything apart from primary consideration of that thing’s Author is, well, profoundly incoherent at best (and quite mocking to Christ, it should be noted).

The Bible again and again and again refers to  such Christ-dismissing pursuits as demonstrations of “foolishness” and their practitioners “fools”.

So see, “retarded” is relatively mild compared to the oft repeated tags perfectly applied in Scripture.

If we actually believe that a people who do not acknowledge God are begging for (or exhibiting the presence of) His wrath upon them (Romans 1:28), then what are we doing by personally propping up and defending a system openly consecrated to the promotion of the satanic Genesis 3 worldview?

The answer is simple: We are rebelling against God.

We who dare to claim His name are therefore far and away the most responsible for this present cultural darkness and the much, much worse that is right around the corner.

The answer to that is simple too, though: Repent, believe, and actively submit to the lordship of Christ over education and everything else.

By His grace and for His glory, His people are even now being called and equipped to do just that…no matter how Satan, the State, and other Genesis 3 worldview proponents might try to stop it.

So chin up, true believer! Obedience to the true King is complete and total victory.

The mind numbing “successes” of the serpent, the State, and all Christ-dismissing approaches to the pursuit of knowledge are but vapors in the wind. They come with great fanfare and they fade quickly into the past, but the Kingdom of Christ endures forever.

Let’s live – and educate – as though we actually believed these things.

© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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