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I am a wretch saved by the grace of God, husband to Holly, daddy to Rosie, a writer, a designer, and the author of a handful of books through R3V Press.

If you’d like to get a better sense of where I’m coming from (my worldview – what I believe and why), probably the best places to start would be the book of Romans and the Gospel of John.

If you have any thoughts or questions about anything I post here, write in a book, or share in an interview, please let me know and I will try my best to respond as time permits.

(This is an updated version posted on March 10, 2014, replacing the original as posted in August of 2009. I hope to add much more to this revised version soon, as well as perhaps a re-post of the original so that progression/regression (you can be the judge as to which) might be presented here in some hopefully useful fashion. Thank you for your patience!)

23 Responses to About the Author

  1. God says:

    Wow, that’s sure a lot of “I’s” from someone that is supposedly a Christian. Your ‘About the Author’ pages is coming off as you being quite infatuated with yourself and more than a little arrogant…and nothing more than a cliche. Intelligence gathering operations? Best laugh I’ve had all day. You and I both know that you only seek out information that will back up the concepts/paranoid beliefs that you have predetermined to be true so that you can comfortably remain ignorant and be able to justify your prejudices.
    You don’t seek information to grow but to stunt your own personal growth and the growth of others.
    In the future-try passing up a few mirrors and get yourself back to focusing on the greatest commandment in the Bible instead of striving to make yourself out to be much more relevant and/or important than you really are. The old saying really is true…It isn’t all about you. Very little is about you.
    And if you want to convince someone you are some sort of an intellectual or are well read-you might want to devote more time talking about the the books you have read…instead of what football teams you root for or what musical plays you liked. Someone needs to say it- who cares if you liked Cats or not? What, did you copy and paste your ad from Match.com to this website?
    People like you are of the greatest offense to me. You speak for me and yet represent nothing of me. You pretend to be one of mine and use my name for your own arrogance, ignorance and lack of compassion. Three traits I hate about all else. One gets the sense by what you write that you have nothing but hate…distrust and contempt for your fellow man. You think you were actually chosen by me? Who would chose such a poor representative to spread their word? The reality is-you have done more to push people away from Christianity than bring them into the light….and for that you will reap what you sow.


  2. BigSlick says:

    I urge you to join hands with Barack Obama and pray to Christ together.


  3. BigSlick says:

    There is but one Christ and if you choose your own earthly conditions for denial of an invitation to pray with another Christian, then I urge you to pray more and ask Christ to enlighten you.


  4. Mairi says:

    Cheers Scott –

    I for one found your “About The Author” to be refreshing. My hope is your website will quickly gain recognition and awareness.

    One man can make a difference.

    Tapadh leat, Mairi


  5. Hollyberry says:

    HI, just clicked on you from a link from another blog, and I really like what I have read…always looking for stuff written by a Christian man who has a pair….


  6. jd says:

    It’s great that another person has the guts to speak out. Bravo. Two things,,,,first to the person who “pretended” to be God. You’ve got the nerve to impersonate the Most High. How audacious and ballsy of you. Not a smart thing to do. Second, it’s been almost a year now since this president was elected,,,yet I believe he and his family have still not selected a church to “worship” in? A Christian? Hum-m. It seems he has only one agenda on his mind,,,,certainly not the Lord’s.



    • Angel Tifa says:

      I don’t think it is yours or anybodies place to question Obamas faith in God. It’s what’s in the believers heart that says enough about their faith in Jesus the Lord, not how loud or obnoxious they show their believes. Since so many people these days have turned away from our loving Lord, I think we need more Christians like Obama who know how to spread the word in a more humble manner and with humility. It’s not up to us to judge, that’s for the Lord.


      • firebreathingchristian says:

        That’s an interesting set of scathing judgments you’ve pronounced against others…all while telling them not to judge.


        The Christ of biblical Christianity charges us with the responsibility to use good and right judgment in all things. We are to “test all things” and “hold fast to that which is true”. We are commanded to seek the counsel of godly leaders and oppose those who would advance an anti-Christian agenda. This is why true Christians are hated, of course.

        That’s why they tend to be crucified.

        The Gospel of Christ – utterly rejected by Obama – inspired that sort of hatred by those who oppose it.

        Barack Obama’s own words – words spoken with detail and frequency – make clear that he absolutely rejects the Bible as authoritative and knows not the Jesus of biblical Christianity.

        He openly embraces the legal targeting of innocent children for murder and is an advocate of legitimizing homosexuality. These truths alone tell any biblically submissive Christian enough to identify Obama as an enemy of Christ, His Gospel and His people.


  7. Joel, TN says:

    I like your site. It is interesting and I look forward to your insights.


  8. FireBreathingChristian — I have a question for you. Is it, or is it not, bad form to promote yourself and your blog when making comments on BigGovernment.com?

    It seems somehow wrong to me, but I’m willing to be corrected if I’m in error. For example, there is a post on BigGovernment by Publius, entitled “NY Post: Acorn Still Stands to Make Millions.” Your comment is about propaganda and promotes your article, “Sprechen Sie Propaganda…”

    One other point: I’m a politically conservative atheist, so, quite naturally, I’m not overly enthused by the “God” and “Christian” references. However, in the spirit of fairness, I will get back here and do some reading. I hope I can comment positively on your work after I check it out.

    Thanks for taking time to read and consider my comment, and, if possible, answer my question.


    • firebreathingchristian says:

      Hello and thanks for taking the time to head on over and post your thoughts.

      As for the BigGovernment.com story, I see ACORN as fundamentally associated with the concept of propaganda as practiced by the “progressive” left in America. I see a genuine link between the subject as covered in “Sprechen Sie Propaganda” and the NY Post article confirming that ACORN still stands to rake in scads of tax dollars in order to, among other things, promote Statist propaganda.

      With regard to my including links in many of my posts at other sites, I see nothing wrong with this, so long as it is topical and unique (not some cookie-cut SPAM plastered multiple times in multiple threads). I generally will limit myself to one post per thread, not counting replies to others’ posts.

      To me, one of the great beauties of sites like BigGovernment.com is that they offer likeminded people a chance to gather, connect and exchange ideas while taking in the articles published there. I realize that different things hit different people in different ways, but generally I take a “live and let” live approach at places while browsing. I simply scroll past anything that doesn’t interest me and stop at what does.

      As for comments left here at this site, so long as they are topical, if someone wants to link to another blog or site, they can feel free to do so. I only ask that posts and links be respectful and adhere to basic standards of decency. When it comes to the free exchange of ideas, I am a liberal guy (in the classical sense, of course).

      So do I think that it is bad form for a blog (or any other site) to be promoted within the context of a topically relevant post? No, I do not.

      I hope that these answers help to clarify and I really do appreciate your taking the time to drop by.

      Have a good one!


  9. Don Marsh says:

    I recently discovered your site, and I have subscribed and share you on facebook with my alternately swelling and shrinking number of friends. New people come on, and others bail out as I continue to appall them with links like yours. 🙂


    • firebreathingchristian says:

      Thanks for signing up and taking that risk, Don!

      As for the healthy, steady flow of additions and subtractions to the online friend category, I know the feeling.

      I am honored to (hopefully) help you keep both trends going. The net result is usually for the best that way.

      Hang in there!


  10. Scott,

    What I have seen of your website, I really like! I am adding you to my links page! I would love to send you a small gift if you would like. Feel free to email me at —(edited by Scott)— so that I could get your address. God bless and keep up the great work!

    Brother in Christ,


  11. Jenny Lynn says:

    Howdy Hi from Nashville Scott! Enjoy reading your blog…it is quite interesting; the comments made just on your bio page! It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for assisting in Eric’s class. My daughter has grown by leaps and bounds in her walk with Jesus! God Bless you and enjoy the adventure laid out before you!

    In Him,
    Jenny Lynn


  12. Matthew says:

    So….”At the age of 36, I whizzed directly onto the former Soviet Union, just as I’d sworn to do when I was nine.” Are you saying that you urinated on a country’s ground in an attempt to disrespect the country? And you claim to be a Christian? Do you think that this could be taken as an insult to Russians?

    We are called to make disciples of all nations, and you squander it by trying to prove a point? I understand that you have a following on your website, try not to mislead those who look to you for answers.

    What I see from your blog is a lot of cherry picking of the Bible, blatant disrespect for God’s children and a general sense of self righteousness. We are supposed to love and accept those that seek him where they are. Do not mistake this for acceptance! It is possible to meet people where they are with their walk with Christ and love them for where they are without accepting what they do. It is through the love of Christ that we are all saved right?


    • FireBreathingChristian says:

      Howdy Matthew and thank you for taking the time to chime in here.

      Before I address your thoughts in a more comprehensive manner (when time permits), I’d appreciate it if you could help me get a more accurate understanding of where you’re coming from by answering a couple of clarifying questions:

      1. Are you familiar with Soviet history?

      The Most Ukrainians I know (and I have been blessed to know many) have a seething disdain for the murderous terror imposed upon their land and people in the Soviet era. Ironically, I believe that it was just this past week that I read a story of how the people of Kiev “defaced” a statue of Lenin by tearing it down as a way of expressing their contempt for what he stood for and what his worldview in action did to their country and its people. Many of the folks in many of these sorts of crowds are believers living in the various nations once trampled by the horrors of Communism during the Soviet era. These points are just added as a bit of hopefully useful clarification and I will be happy to add much more when I have the time to respond in more detail once you’ve had the opportunity to address this post. Thanks for your patience.

      2. Do you have any specific examples of “cherry picking from the Bible” to go along with your thus-far evidence-free presentation? I’d very much appreciate seeing specific examples and arguments for many reasons, not the least of which is that I am well aware of my imperfection and would be very thankful for a substantive argument made against any erroneous that I may currently hold, so that I might grow in truth. I hope not to defend a position just for the sake of defending a position, which would amount to simple, ego-driven selfishness. That said, I am eager to test and defend truth in light of Scripture and any worthy, coherent argument made by another.

      I look forward to reading your response. Take your time in its composition if need be. It may take me a while to get back here as well (busy, busy, busy).

      Thanks again and have a good one.

      Soli Deo Gloria!



  13. realmiks says:

    Thanks for encouraging us to be a little bit more dangerous as Christians. My own journey has led me to the place where I believe that if Christianity isn’t everything to us, it isn’t anything. Christianity by it’s very design must cost us. If it doesn’t it is more like a hobby than a relationship with our saviour who loves us passionately and ferociously.
    One of the great dangers in commenting on blog posts, is the temptation to say things that we wouldn’t dare say to the person’s face. We disagree with something and let our angst and rage spill over and become insults, cheap shots, exaggeration and abuse. Future commenters please remember that the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. We all need to come at this from a place of humility and remember that we all have places in our lives where we are deceived or just plain wrong. We need each other’s wisdom, insights and experiences. That is how the body of Christ is supposed to work.

    For the cause of Christ


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