So even the Germans are creeped out by our Surveillance State.



So even the Germans are creeped out by our Surveillance State.


I mean, you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty impressive thing we just did there. Way to go, ‘merica! [insert “U!-S!-A!” chant here]

As The Washington Post reported today, Germany has formally requested that the US CIA station chief based in the country just go ahead and get on outta there. (Click here to read the story.)

So even the homeland (or “fatherland”) of Nazism, The Gestapo, and the infamous Stasi of Cold War era East Germany has apparently decided that enough is enough and that America is way too into this whole surveillance thing. Interesting context there, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, back here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA, most Americans just roll with it, as they’ve been programmed and conditioned to do for generations now.

Most routinely proclaim their pride in present day America, boast of her God-honored greatness, and pledge their allegiance to the “indivisible” State, even (and especially) on Independence Day (irony is often lost on State programmed folks).

Yet the same obedient patriots who like to rant and sing about their “liberty”, “freedom”, and the like pretty much do as they’re told without question, including the surrender of their children to the State for formal, day-long indoctrination starting at the age of five. They also tend to automatically suck it up like a good herd member by bending over on command so the TSA can search their underwear for al Qaeda at the airport. They graze on indifferently as the NSA searches their email for “suspicious thoughts”. And, of course, they unquestioningly submit to IRS claims to any detail of their financial lives.

All of this “command/obey” living is done while the cattle in question is encouraged by the State to imagine and boldly proclaim itself to be both “free” and “brave“.

This. Is. 1984. (“War is peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength.”)

But it is even more Romans 1. (We are “given over” under God’s judgment.)

There is no chance – zero, zip, nada, zilch! – of true freedom or peace apart from the fear of the Lord.

The only source of true and lasting liberty, freedom, prosperity, and peace is the Lord. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Every claim to freedom and liberty apart from explicit reliance on the nature of God as revealed in His Word is a lie from the pit of hell.

With this understood, repentance is our only hope. Until we repent, our phony “freedoms” and “liberties” will continue to be taken from us…by God, through the American Corpo-Fascist State, in accordance with His judgment upon us.

When Germany is creeped out over our surveillance state…well, that oughta tell us something…

May He break us of our rebellion and inspire us to repent, believe, and be saved.


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Christ-less Economics: It’s Pretty Gay, too.

Gay Buck

It’s not exactly news that Christians who dare operate their businesses in accordance with biblical principles are increasingly taking it on the chin as America’s Corpo-Fascist spin on “the mark of the beast” rolls out and over the culture.

It’s also not exactly stunning anymore to hear that Christ-honoring folks are getting economically hammered for their lack of support of the new corporate and state-imposed pro-homosexuality orthodoxy. For fairly obvious reasons, bakeries, photographers, and other businesses catering to the celebration of marriage are now under focused assault by the forces of tolerance. There have been many tales of persecution along these lines recently in the post-Christian West, and, as a natural consequence, we are already becoming desensitized to them. We’ve been ’round that track a few times before, sadly.

Even so, it looks like we’re getting another lap in…

As reported by Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes, a UK bakery owned by a Christian family is facing legal action after it declined to make a cake printed with a message supporting gay marriage. (Click here for the story.)

The Belfast Telegraph’s reporting of the story included the following detail:

The Equality Commission has told the owner of Asher’s Baking Company that it has broken the law by refusing to bake a cake for a member of a gay rights group.

Daniel McArthur (24), general manager at the Newtownabbey company which has been running since 1992 and employs 62 people, said Asher’s had been founded by Christians, and the current directors are Christians.

“That means that we run our business according to Christian values and beliefs, according to what the Bible teaches. It means for example that we don’t open on Sundays, that we trade openly and honestly with people,” he said.

Mr McArthur said even the company’s name was Biblical, as Asher was one of the 12 tribes of Israel. “It was a tribe that had gifted bakers,” he added.

He said a customer had placed an order for a “celebration cake” at Asher’s Belfast bakery.

LGBT activist Gareth Lee had asked for the cake to include a slogan that said ‘support gay marriage’ along with a picture of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and the logo of the Queerspace organisation.

One of many lessons to be learned from the unfolding nightmare around us is that everything is connected. There is no realm, immaterial or physical, in all of creation that can be “set aside” or sequestered to rot “by itself” in its rebellion against the lordship of Christ. If one area is given over to rebellion, it will touch every other and its corruption will ceaselessly spread until and unless the Lord graces those in rebellion with repentance and restoration…and that will only happen through His obedient people’s faithful proclamation and application of the supernatural Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sheer gayness of our education, our economics, and even our cheeseburgers is an entirely predictable and appropriate consequence of our rebellion. The rapid, downward spiral of our culture is loaded with clear signs that God’s righteous judgment is now falling upon us (see: Romans 1).

That said, the good (great, actually) news is that we have been given the time to repent of our Christ-dismissing pursuits and build upon Him as our Rock in all things – be they educational, political, economic, or fast food related. Everything is covered and defined by the true Gospel – every good thing in His creation is given life by His nature as revealed in His Word.

So it is that a Christ-centered worldview in action is essential not only to our survival, but it also can empower us to thrive right here and now. The first step toward implementing this understanding and pursuing personal repentance is to understand and acknowledge that we have been raised in this culture to embrace Christ-dismissing views in most areas of life.

Everything in God’s creation is fundamentally connected in that it is defined by the light of His nature. Thus, the increasing gayness of every realm of American life should be anything but surprising.

Everything is connected, and purposefully so. I touched on this subject last month in Christ-less Education: It’s Pretty Gay and would encourage Christians to seek the Word on the all-encompassing, pervasive nature of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our not only understanding but embracing and applying His actual lordship over everything is our one and only hope.

In that spirit, there is great encouragement and hope to be found even in these stories of rank anti-Christian economic persecution. In a world crafted and owned by the God of Romans 8:28, this should come as no surprise.

Isn’t it interesting (and inspiring!) to see that these small business owners are, in many of the instances that have been reported in recent years, willing to put everything – their very livelihood and then some – on the line to take a stand? A stand that could cost them and their families so very much?

Now that is faith in action!

That. Is. Real.

Beautifully real.

In light of these beautiful demonstrations of faith in action, I’d like to respectfully submit a couple of questions for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration (and yes, I will strive to contemplate and remind myself of these questions as well):

  1. How does the faith of these economically battered believers compare with the faith of those who are knowingly supporting (or financially benefitting from) the very businesses and corporations behind the anti-Christian movement to “mark” obedient believers for extreme economic persecution?
  2. How are we to best help our brothers and sisters (and even ourselves) not only survive in this climate of escalating anti-Christian persecution, but thrive by building Christ-centered, God-honoring, culture-impacting families and businesses? (Hint: The answer to this one begins with true personal repentance, which will always produce productive, God-glorifying, and life-changing actions.)

Thank you for your consideration of these things, and remember: God has His people right where He wants them.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!



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American Culture Speaks: Iconic celebrity addresses the relationship between women, work, and family.

With the hope of better understanding the culture by which we have been defined and for which America now evangelizes the world (including its own children), the following quote promoting a “news” piece published earlier today is presented without additional comment for your consideration:

“My mom taught us we CAN have it all!”

~ Kim Kardashian


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American “Freedom Fighting” Tool Sledgehammers Jonah’s Tomb

ISIS meets Jonah

As reported by many sources today, including The Daily Mail, ISIS militants have taken a sledgehammer to Jonah’s tomb in Iraq’s Nineveh province. You can click here for the whole sad, but not very surprising story.

This same ISIS was just months ago the object of support and encouragement from none other than the powers that control “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in their efforts to pursue yet another war and topple yet another government. American Republicans and Democrats alike once again revealed their true shared globalist loyalties by joining together to convince, intimidate, and practically beg the American people to support a military move into Syria. In lieu of convincing the public to feed even more of its young adults into the wood chipper of Corpo-Fascist American military ops, the globalist forces that own our government settled for helping “freedom fighters” in Syria…freedom fighters like ISIS.

So yesterday’s America aided “freedom fighters” in Syria are today’s “radical Islamic terrorists” in Iraq, massacring Christians and demolishing things like Jonah’s tomb. Like al-Qaeda before it, ISIS is this moment’s embodiment of the American Corpo-Fascist State’s now-obvious and long running MO, that being to use anything and anyone to advance its anti-Christ globalist goals, which include:

  • The perpetuation of fear at home to justify the continuing sacrifice of individual liberty and freedom.
  • The perpetuation of endless war overseas to advance the Corpo-Fascist agenda globally.
  • The perpetuation of endless war and domestic militarization for the financial profit of the corporate military industrial complex.
  • The perpetuation of fiat slavery through fiat “money”, which God hates (Proverbs 11:1) and the Corpo-Fascists have used to manipulate masses not only into slavery, but into a love and defense of their slavery. (“War is peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.” ~ George Orwell, 1984)
  • The perpetuation of economic warfare on those who stand boldly and clearly for Christ for the purpose of eventually securing their total material dependence upon the Corpo-Fascist welfare state. (See: The “mark of the beast” in Revelation 13 and compare it with the defining worldview mark of God’s people as presented in Deuteronomy 6.)
  • The perpetuation of an all-encompassing welfare state in order to establish and maintain control over its dependents.
  • The perpetuation of State-controlled “education”, which will eventually become compulsory for those purposefully driven onto the welfare rolls (see how that works?), so that control and uniformity of anti-Christian thought can be maintained by the Corpo-Fascist State.

ISIS is but the latest disgusting player in this purposefully unfolding tragedy. The truth is that we have also been players. We are responsible.

So it is that we have to wake up, repent, and take radical, all-out action right now.

Put another way: We need to stop being passive, lazy, selfish tools of the enemy and start being actual servants of the Lord in deed.

The hour is late. Time is short.

Until and unless we repent of our personal contributions to the Corpo-Fascist American beast that is ravaging the world and persecuting believers in increasingly vile ways en route to its goal of global secular government, we have no business expecting anything but increasing darkness in our land, we have no one more appropriate than ourselves to blame for that darkness, and we have no business complaining about how others need to do this or that thing to help right the rapidly sinking ship called America.

The responsibility for repentance and restoration through the application of the Gospel in all realms right here and now lies first with us. It isn’t on Obama, the liberals, the Democrats, or the Muslims…it’s on the Church.

Judgment begins with God’s people, so let us seek the only actual solution to our myriad problems and set an example by not only proclaiming the lordship of Christ over all things, but applying His lordship to all things right here and now, while there is yet time.

Please consider (and apply) the Word:

 Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name. For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:16-17)


And Jesus came and said to them,All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you...”

(Matthew 28:18-20 – emphasis added)

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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American Pride and Romans 1 Cheeseburgers.



Burger King Sells Gay Pride Whopper. That’s the title of an article posted Tuesday at USA Today.

Not. Even. Kidding.

But should we really be surprised? I mean, hasn’t corporate America been pushing “the gay pride whopper” in various ways for a very looooooooong time now?  So why not in burger form, then?

Seems reasonable enough…in Romans 1 America…

Here’s a quote from the article:

The Proud Whopper, as it’s called, comes wrapped in a rainbow colored wrapper with this inscription: “We are all the same inside.” It will be sold through Thursday at one Burger King restaurant on San Francisco’s Market Street, that was at the heart of the route for last weekend’s 44th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade.

Burger King on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. EST plans to post a two-minute video about the Proud Whopper on its YouTube channel.

“It showcases who we are as a brand,” says Fernando Machado, senior vice president of global brand management at Burger King. “It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression.”

The inspiration behind the unusual burger wrap and video, he says, is Burger King’s localized efforts to put into motion actions that support its recently-tweaked slogan: “Be Your Way.” (Bold emphasis added – SAB)

So it is that the All-American Corporate war on truth takes a particularly gut-wrenching turn. Apparently, even our fast food has been “given over” in more ways than we may have once thought possible.

Though there’s certainly an argument to be made that fast “food” was already, in most instances, serving as a conduit of destruction…albeit an often happy and delicious conduit of destruction, even our burgers have now been coopted and crafted to take on a much more overtly dark and explicitly anti-Christian mission (all in the name of peace, love, and profitability, of course).

As if Burger King’s masked King mascot wasn’t creepy enough already, we now find out that he’s a pro-gay zealot/missionary to boot, lurking around the cultural landscape serving up the opportunity to gut bomb and give God the finger all at once.

And hey, let’s be honest, at this point what could be more American than that?

Corporate (and government) propaganda has for generations now pushed you as the center of your universe, and your desires as the be-all, end-all of…well…everything. Your emotions, your desires, your passions, your goals, your preferences, your priorities, your standards, “your way, right away”…all meaning, of course: You should get what you want when you want it. Period. End of discussion.

And if you, or Burger King, can make a profit along the way down such a self-absorption encouraging path, well, bonus! After all, there is no higher calling or more unassailable justification than The Pursuit of Profit in this land. Even most politically conservative professing Christians in America embrace and proudly proclaim the pagan business maxim that: The primary purpose of business is to glorify God make a buck. With that being the case, anything goes…and now “anything” includes homosexuality promoting hamburgers.

This is how comically tragic our cultural descent into Christ-dismissing madness has become…and, sadly, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The modern man-centered American worldview that has been successfully pushed and exploited for nearly a century now by both corporate and governmental interests (the two primary players in the emerging Corpo-Fascist American State) centers on the promotion and encouragement of self-absorption and extreme narcissism at every turn. Put another way, it centers on appeals to pride.

And what is more American these days than unquestionable pride?

Pretty much nothing.

Christ-mocking pride is now, sadly, the defining attribute of American culture.

Obviously there are a whole lot of overtly, actively anti-Christian types on the political left, including many at the top of our formal government, but America has become so hyper-delusional and full of itself (aka “given over”) that even those on the “right” or “conservative” side of the political spectrum who claim Christianity routinely measure and test Scripture in light of America and American tradition rather than the other way around. If Scripture fits or supports their sense of politics, conservatism, or patriotism, then it is good and useful. But if it contradicts, challenges, or overtly condemns some aspect of their politics, conservatism, or patriotism, then the Word of God goes right out the window. It suddenly becomes “unclear”, “foggy”, and therefore anything but authoritative. In this approach to Scripture, the vast majority of American conservatives, liberals, Republicans and Democrats are united.

We must clearly acknowledge and repent of our roles this profoundly wicked approach if there is to be any hope.


Pride and Anti-Christian Prejudice

The consequences of this conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat unity against the Word and people of God are many. For His obedient people, one clear and present consequence is persecution.

Last summer, in A Mark of the Beast, I addressed Revelation 13’s famous passage on “the mark” where it has application to the present and coming persecution of those who openly live according to a Christian worldview in America. Last month, the better part of a year later, I posted Marked by the Beast: Where Christ-less economics has lead us and what we can do about it. Both of these articles inspired some very interesting and surprisingly encouraging feedback from Christians who have been seeing the same things with the same (or greater) clarity and were themselves encouraged to see these unfolding realities plainly addressed openly in writing.

Just yesterday I wrote Corporate “Mark of the Beast” Rollout Continues, which aimed to showcase the significant increase in frequency and pervasiveness where this culture’s open warfare on obedient Christians is concerned, with particular emphasis on the modern American corporate culture’s mighty contributions to the anti-Christian war effort.

I would encourage Christians to prayerfully consider the thoughts in these articles in light of something as ridiculous – yet very telling – as this Gay Whopper thing.

Obedient Christians in this proud, unrepentant, full-of-itself and openly anti-Christian American culture must prepare not only for what is here but what is soon coming. The waves are getting bigger (much bigger) and their frequency is increasing. Let us brace accordingly, all with a Spirit of hope and optimism rooted in our loving Lord, who has perfectly equipped His people for the mission that He has called them to undertake in this ridiculous cultural context.

Pro-gay cheeseburgers may be a funny milepost, but they should also be noted as a significant indicator as to just how culturally pervasive open hostility to truth has become in the emerging man-centered Corpo-Fascist American State.

So please, brothers and sisters, prepare accordingly to “wage the good warfare”, “fight the good fight”, and “tear down enemy strongholds” in this land as it is, and not as we might imagine or wish it to be. We of all people must face reality without aversion, truthfully and honestly assessing every situation, happily giving our everything to the cause, which is Christ himself.

It’s about to get very interesting ’round here…and He has us right where He wants us.


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Corporate “Mark of the Beast” Rollout Continues



Here we go again…

Today the Drudge Report posted a headline that read, CHASE Bank asks employees if they are “allies of the LGBT community”, which connected to a Breitbart article posted yesterday, entitled Second Employee Alleges Chase Bank Surveyed Staff’s LGBT Loyalty.

Chronicling the steady rollout of corporate America’s “mark of the beast” style economic war on those who would dare refuse to proclaim themselves “an ally” of the anti-Christ spirit that now defines much of our culture has become about as challenging as chronicling the horrible nature of (and abuses within) the public “education” system or the corrupt nature of politics in Washington DC. In other words, the only real “challenge” comes in trying to keep up with, sift through, and absorb the ever increasing deluge of increasingly clear evidence.

At this point, it should be beyond obvious that life in present day America, particularly in the business/work/economic realm, increasingly includes the open persecution of practicing Christians.

Open proclamations of Christianity in opposition to the new Corpo-Fascist secular order will not be tolerated.

Such biblical stands will be punished.

The economic war has begin.

It. Is. On.

The only way that one can miss this is to want to miss it…and many do.

As further evidence that America has been given over to Romans 1 blindness and is under the wrath of God, the “ignorance is bliss, so let’s pretend not to see what is happening” approach to defending American Pride, patriotism, and business practices from biblical truth has become common even with professing evangelicals. For most, anything to do with defining, understanding and properly pursuing business, finance, work, and profit, has become explicitly and openly severed from any biblical moorings.

This has happened as a result of one Big Lie that most in post-Christian America have come to believe.

The Big Lie is that business interests can be pursued in a lasting, truly profitable manner apart from submission to the clear commands found in Scripture. In other words, we can do what we want and how we want to do it where business is concerned. This is a variant of the more general lie that anything can be pursued in a lasting, truly profitable manner apart from submission to Scripture.

Not only can such pursuits never actually result in true, lasting profit for a person or a culture, they will also always ultimately lead to darkness. It may take some time, and generations may live through what seem to be extended periods of great blessing and wealth attained through unbiblical approaches to economic pursuits, but ultimately judgment comes, the lie is exposed, and rebellion is broken upon the unbreakable Law and nature of God as revealed in His perfect Word.

With that in mind, our present nightmare scenario has been born of our rejection of God’s revealed nature as the standard by which we test all things. We have come to believe the lie that we can secure true, lasting prosperity by way of means in direct contradiction with His revealed nature.


The Primary Goal of Business? Profit! To Glorify God.

Here in America, we became economically doomed on a large scale as a people whenever it was that we generally agreed to reject or dismiss the notion that the first purpose and goal of business must be to glorify God.

Profit, contrary to Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, is not the chief or primary goal of business…or anything else in life.

Once Rush’s “good ol’ American conservative” rational for business’ existence was embraced as the standard by which we measure business pursuits (and it should be noted that this sad standard was actually embraced in America long before Rush hit the airwaves), we lost any rational, coherent basis for critiquing any business practice that might openly violate the ultimately unbreakable Law of God in pursuit of profit.

So it is that in our rejection of the Lord as the standard by which we measure and pursue business and profit, we have muted any coherent argument against the production of pornography, the sale of pornography, the marketing of every vice known to man, and…the open persecution of obedient Christians.

We are now about to learn (probably the hard and tragic way) just how unbreakable His Law is in the realm of economics and everywhere else.

I say “we” intentionally and specifically as a way of affixing the primary responsibility for our current economic and cultural darkness first and foremost on the professing church in America. Until and unless Christians repent of past wrong beliefs and destructive practices in the realm of business and economics, there is no reason to expect anything but the looming disaster that we all see and feel coming from finally plunging us and future generations into an era of slavery to the emerging Corpo-Fascist State. Until and unless such repentance comes, actual believers in practice will suffer ever increasing persecution.

That’s where we are at right now. In America

…the “land of the free” (where the State owns all the land (just try not paying “property tax” and you will discover how much of a renter from the government you really are), the ruling Corpo-Statists are above the “laws” that bind you, and where every word you speak into or near a phone and every email you write and every blog you visit – like this one – is recorded by the KGB Gestapo Stasi NSA).

…the “home of the brave” (where you dare not question what the State feeds you regarding patriotism (see: above reference to “land of the free”), fiat slavery economics, the necessity of perpetual war, the rightness of State-controlled “education”, or the legitimacy of  the”profit justifies everything” philosophy of business).

As I wrote last week in Marked by the beast: Where Christ-less economics has lead us, and what we can do about itThe Washington Times published an article titled, In God we trust…but employers don’t; job-hunters hurt by admitting faith on resume. That piece chronicled the cost of “admitting one’s faith on a resume” in today’s American culture. Now we have news of JP Morgan/CHASE reportedly pursuing practices in line with that earlier report…and right in line with the “mark” approach to persecution that is more and more coming to define our culture through the imposition of explicitly unbiblical Corpo-Fascist economics.

Significant persecution is not coming in America for obedient Christians.

It is here.

Oh, it’ll get much worse unless repentance and restoration comes to the land, but it has already begun in earnest and is ramping up quickly.

The Corpo-Fascist State is rolling down the birth canal, and we must acknowledge not only the reality of what is coming but what is already here if we are to have any hope of reversing the tide.

On the subject of “reversing the tide”, Christians need to understand and actively proclaim that this “reversal” cannot come by the works of men, but rather centers on the grace and Word of God. The Christian response to the emerging darkness that is overtaking the land must be to advocate repentance through the proclamation and application of the Gospel. Without repentance, which includes the acknowledgment of our sin, the rejection of past wrong beliefs, and the active pursuit of God’s revealed will in place of those past wrong beliefs, we…are…doomed.

Game over.

The Libertarians can’t save us.

The Republicans can’t save us.

Neither “good behavior” nor “conservative principles” can save us.

Only God can save us, and that can only happen if He graces us with repentance…repentance of having not only tolerated, but actively excused, supported, and often profited from corporate and business approaches that are openly, actively waging war on true, practicing Christians.

Yesterday’s Breitbart article reads, in part:

Each year JP Morgan Chase sends its employees a survey asking questions related to management and other non-controversial issues. A longtime Chase employee told Professor Robert George of Princeton that the survey this year included the following questions for the first time:

Are you:

1) A person with disabilities;

2) A person with children with disabilities;

3) A person with a spouse/domestic partner with disabilities;

4) A member of the LGBT community.

5) An ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT.

This employee was alarmed to receive the final question. If he answered no, he feared, he would be opened up to criticism that may affect his employment. Only a few months ago Brendan Eich was hounded out of the CEO role at Mozilla for not supporting LGBT marriage.

The employee told Professor George he fears for his job:

This survey wasn’t anonymous. You had to enter your employee ID. With the way things are going and the fact that LGBT rights are being viewed as pretty much tantamount to the civil rights movement of the mid 50s to late 60s, not selecting that option is essentially saying “I’m not an ally of civil rights;” which is a vague way to say “I’m a bigot.” The worry among many of us is that those who didn’t select that poorly placed, irrelevant option will be placed on the “you can fire these people first” list.

With each passing report chronicling the attacks being made by corporations against anyone who stands upon Scripture in practice, I see so much of what I love trampled and so much of what I had hoped for myself and my children moved further and further out of reach. The abomination of fiat currency (Proverbs 11:1) has enabled the fiat slavery of our present system and the coming totalitarianism of our emerging Corpo-Fascist State.

And yet, even as these darkest of storm clouds build and gather above us, I cannot help but be optimistic…optimistic that by God’s grace through His repentant, broken, obedient people coming together to build their everything on Him no matter what the world says or does, we might once again build a culture that celebrates work, unleashes creativity, and produces true, lasting prosperity.

We really can have these things.

If – and only if – we will repent and believe.

May the Lord grace His people with such faith in action at this incredible time in history!


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Christ-less “Education”: It’s Pretty Gay

Christless Ed Gay


Recent stories on “the horrors of public schools” (and there are always scores and scores of “recent stories” on this subject, aren’t there?) can be hard to stomach. Very hard to stomach, but not because of the particular details contained in any single incarnation of these never-ceasing, ever-increasing, seemingly omnipresent State-controlled “education” horror stories, but because people – particularly professing Christians – routinely claim to be “shocked” and “horrified” at [insert latest predictable abuse by the State-controlled education system here].

Honestly, when does it end? The tragically comical “surprise” on the part of supposed Christians, I mean?

Being “shocked” that Christ-dismissing State-controlled “education” facilities are dispensing with Christ-mocking, pro-Statist propaganda is like being “stunned” that strippers strip at strip clubs.

Repeat after me, Christian: Christ-dismissing, State-controlled (and therefore State-promoting) “education” systems are designed to attack the nature of Christ and promote the advance of a God-hating, secular super-state.

That’s just [insert best Shatner voice here] whattheydo! It’s what they were made for! It’s why they exist!

These “schools” are commissioned to wage war on God by doing everything that they can to separate children’s minds and understanding from the Word of God as the final authority in all things and the nature of God as the guiding light for fully and accurately understanding anything about everything in His creation.

Get it?!

Please, please get it!

The dismissal of Christ (which is a flagrant display of disdain, it should be noted) and promotion of the secular State is precisely what secular, State-controlled “schools” are designed to do, and until we as Christians at least recognize this incontrovertible fact, we as a people are doomed to sink further and further down into the pit in which we currently find ourselves – a pit that, to even a casual (and honest) observer, would seem to be on the verge of swallowing us up entirely and snuffing us out for good.

Judgment truly does begin with the church, and until the church truly repents, there is a roughly zero percent chance that recovery and restoration will come to our land…which is why it is so heart-rending to see the professing church in America doing so much to prop up the very beast that is aiming to eat its children and devour the last worthy bits of our culture.

It is in this context that I very much appreciated a column recently posted at American Vision. Earlier today, Dr. Joel McDurmon published a coherent, biblical response to Tim Challies‘ ridiculously incoherent and wildly unbiblical propaganda promoting the State-controlled “education” of children in an explicitly anti-Christ worldview as a somehow legitimate option for biblically obedient Christians.

It was very cool to see this particular response posted and I encourage you to have a gander at it by clicking here if you didn’t hit the earlier link already.

Sadly, in an age dominated by selfishness, shallowness, immaturity and emotionalism over true Christ-like selflessness, depth and loving fidelity to His explicitly clear Word, many regularly regurgitate retreaded versions of these remarkably lame Challies lines in order to rationalize their rebellion, divide in the name of unity, persecute the obedient, and generally defend the decision to feed their children to the beast (while encouraging others to at least consider doing the same). This article is an excellent response…not that those most needing to read it will bother (they’ve been “educated” to avoid such things, after all). Still, God is honored and His obedient people are encouraged by such solidly biblical, intellectually honest pieces as this.

The simple, sad truth is that most modern American church members (and, even more sadly, their “leaders”) today have been so thoroughly discipled by the state, enslaved to their emotions, and consecrated to this culture’s rebellion where the subject of children’s education is concerned, that they cannot even recognize, much less openly acknowledge this particular demonstration of rebellion as what the Word clearly proclaims it to be: Sin.

In Genesis 3, Satan introduced a “beautiful, shiny new” approach to the pursuit of knowledge (aka “education”). People bought it then and are still very much buying it now. This “beautiful” approach to the pursuit of knowledge that sets aside God as the essential core when it comes to rightly understanding math, art, literature, history, biology, or pretty much anything else in His creation has become the norm in American homes and families, including most professing Christian American homes and families. Several generations in, even the professing Christian subculture has been thoroughly corrupted and converted to the cause of Christ-mocking, State-controlled “education”…and it is that professing church that is most responsible for the ongoing parade of “horror stories” flowing from an “education system” that is…doing exactly what it was designed to do.

In corrective response to Satan’s sale and Adam’s embrace of this fundamental lie where the pursuit of knowledge is concerned, God has lovingly commanded (and equipped) His obedient people to reject the Satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge. He has done this in detail in the life-giving command contained in Deuteronomy 6 – a command repeated, confirmed, and elaborated upon in many ways throughout Scripture.

Genesis 3 represents the Satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge.

Deuteronomy 6 presents the God-honoring, Christ-centered approach to the same.

These views on children’s education – the Satanic and the God-honoring – are the only two available to anyone, anywhere, at any time in creation.

Sadly for many children growing up in professing churches in America, they are being defiantly served up to the Satanic version on a silver platter, often in the name of a phony “gospel in a bottle” approach that doesn’t require anything in practice beyond proclaimed intellectual ascent to a particular definition of the gospel itself. As its roots deepen, this false gospel-in-the-name-of-the-gospel ends up justifying all sorts of flagrant rebellion, as actual obedience in practice to the Word is more and more routinely trumped by emotionalism, appeals to personal preferences and traditions, and the selective application of self-serving “standards” that plainly contradict Scripture.

If only professing Christians could get 1% as emotionally worked up and indignant about their children being actively trained to conform with a Satanic Genesis 3 worldview as they do with obedient believers who call the Genesis 3 approach what it is (rebellion against God, aka “sin”), we might see many children spared such sacrifice upon the altar of secular “education” and many obedient Christian parents spared the grief of persecution from within the professing church.

May God continue to encourage His people and grace them with ongoing repentance, replacing their self-centered rebellion with loving obedience…even in the realm of children’s education. May they be inspired by grace to continually seek the Word and actively pursue ongoing reformation in its perfect light. Oh how children might benefit from such obedient (and hated/persecuted) parents!

© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Marked by the beast: Where Christ-less economics has lead us, and what we can do about it.

Corporate Worship 2


I had no idea that someone could be so excited about describing a phone charger, but there she was, just beaming as she went along.

She just glowed with pride and was as warm and friendly as can be while kindly and thoughtfully walking me through brief presentations on about a half dozen options in response to my request. What had begun with a simple, “Do y’all sell phone chargers?” had quickly – and quite unexpectedly – blossomed into something, well…beautiful.

I know it sounds like I’m pouring it on thick here, but, really and truly, from the beginning of my conversation with this particular gas station cashier, I was struck and knew that I was getting a glimpse at something very good, very important, very valuable, and, sadly, increasingly rare.

About thirty seconds into our conversation, the cashier explained that she and her husband had recently bought the gas station and that their whole family had just finished renovating it. When I then commented that the place looked really good (and it did – it was very clean and very well organized), she exuded gratitude to the point that I thought she just might explode with glee right then and there.

And while I sure didn’t want that to literally happen, it was still very cool to see, hear and briefly experience such enthusiasm and passion for work, in the best (and biblical) sense. This woman, her husband and their family were pursuing something special. They were doing something important, and, however much or little anyone else might be noticing, they were doing these things in a way that brought glory to God.

In doing so, they had brought order and beauty to…a gas station.

How cool is that?

It is very cool, and it is very cool first and foremost because it is utterly, completely, and beautifully biblical.


Darkness as an Opportunity for Light

While I do not know much in the way of detail where this delighted cashier’s or her beloved gas station’s stories are concerned (Buried in debt? Debt free? No idea.), I do know that what I was able to see and what she was able to share on that day was inspiring in the best sense because it conformed to the revealed will of God in the realms of business and work ethics.

The joy of work, the proper pride in attaining and maintaining the highest of standards, and the sharing of these things with the world with a spirit of happiness, gratitude, and thanksgiving – these are all beautiful biblical principles for life. These biblical principles are the necessary foundation for any enduring and truly good civilization. And it was these biblical principles that were on display.

Whether or not the happily hard working woman behind the cash register at that particular gas station on that particular day understood this to be so does not change the fact that it is so. Everything in God’s creation is subject to His truth and law as revealed in His Word…including you, me, the cashier at the gas station, and the gas station itself.

Insofar as things like “The American Dream” are built upon the foundation for economics, business, and work presented in Scripture, then that Dream will be a very good thing. It is just as true that insofar as The American Dream (or any other) rejects the Word in favor of the world, it will become anything but good and will inevitably devolve into The American Nightmare.

The point is that America, The American Dream, “a good work ethic”, or any other good sounding thing is incapable of serving as the point of origin or true foundation of economic pursuits. The only true foundation capable of producing persistent, pervasive economic blessing is the Word of God. When that Word is set aside as the source and authority in any ream of life, certainly including the economic, darkness inevitably comes. There is no amount of “good work ethic” or “American dreaming” that can compensate for rebellion against the Word of God when it comes to economics…and a state of long-term open rebellion against the most basic, clear biblical principles of economics is precisely where we find ourselves.

For generations now, we have been purposefully driven headlong down an increasingly dark path, though for the first stretch it seemed to stay sunny and sweet. While for decades the malignant rot was under the surface and vibrant illusions of prosperity enabled most to quite happily pretend to “see no evil” and enjoy the ride, that long winding road of willful delusion and indulgence has come to an end. We are now beginning to see straight in front of us the disconcerting truths that we chose to ignore so long as they stayed out there on the edge of our peripheral vision. We are now not only beginning to see the dragon standing in our path, we are also feeling the wheels come off of our self-serving ways under the weight of God’s unbreakable truth. Our “coasting time” is over and judgment has come.

This present reality can and should be both terrifying and exhilarating all at once. It should terrify those who even now unrepentantly cling to lives and worldviews built upon the lies at the foundation of our culture; yet, at the same time, it should exhilarate and excite those whose hope, world, and worldview are not built upon the ways of this world, but are instead rooted in the eternal perfection of Christ. The scores of social and economic crises that are now rolling like tsunamis over and through the cultural landscape represent incredible opportunity for those who are, by His grace, faithful to Him.

Even the phrase “rooted in the perfection of Christ”, while it might sound good to some, seems to be such a willfully avoided mystery in this culture. What does “rooted in Christ” even mean? What difference does such a root make, practically speaking? What is the application right here and right now?

These are some thoughts that the sweet little middle Tennessee gas station rekindled, and I will get into some detail as to the answers in a moment. But first I would like for those who are rooted in Him to savor the incredible opportunity that He has given us.

As a man in the prime of life with a loving wife, an adorable one-year-old daughter, and a second baby on the way, I marvel at the time and place in which our Lord has placed us.

We are truly living in historically convulsive and significant times, and yes, much of the convulsing has, at the moment, presented a very dark present state of affairs.

While once, long ago, this was a land in which Christians could work hard and have the reasonable expectation of certain blessings and benefits, we now see before our eyes – if we will simply open them and be honest – a land that has been fundamentally economically corrupted on many levels, each of which uniquely punish and persecute those who would most clearly proclaim fidelity to Christ in word and, more significantly, in deed.

Where once Christians assumed that self-proclaimed “the land of the free” would be just that, we now see with great clarity what “freedom” becomes when it is severed from the vital, detailed, life- (and freedom-) preserving truth of the Word of God as the final authority and ultimate standard for understanding true freedom. With every cracking American man-centered cultural cornerstone that crumbles under the weight of God’s judgment, we see with increasing clarity how ridiculous it is to even profess to understand, much less implement or defend, true freedom apart from subjugation to Scripture.

Where once hard work, determination, and the joyful pursuit of family, home, ad business building was not only attainable but encouraged by the culture at large, we now have endured multi-generational surrender of biblical truth to conquering secularism ever so often in the name of pragmatism and, where economics are concerned, in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Where once this culture was largely rooted in the notion that all things in this life – certainly including business and economics – must be first pursued to the glory of God, now the thought of placing the glory of God ahead of bottom-line financial gain or profit is flat out laughable…to Christians. So thoroughly has the Rush Limbaugh school of worldviews come to define professing evangelicals in America that most of them now in practice place their faith not in the Word as the guide to all things, including business and economics, but in “conservative values” and “principles” laced with sometimes Christian sounding lingo and platitudes, but utterly devoid of submission to the Word in the many areas in which it clearly corrects and condemns the “profit first; God’s glory later” spirit that has come to captivate us.

Now as we see the fruits of this rebellion rain down upon us, we are confronted with reality. Many realities, actually.

First and foremost, the overarching reality under which all others exist: God’s Word rules all of His creation.

It rules in every realm and at every time. It is unbreakable.

Secondly, we are now seeing and experiencing practical consequences that are painting a wildly different and infinitely more hostile environment for Christians in America than we would have ever imagined being possible just a generation ago.

Where once Christians were basically free and welcomed to work, compete, live, and build in America, now – right now – we are in a very different place.

Earlier this week The Washington Times published an article titled, In God we trust…but employers don’t; job-hunters hurt by admitting faith on resume. The piece chronicled the cost of “admitting one’s faith on a resume” in today’s American culture.

The article described the significant consequences of simply admitting one’s faith where employment opportunities in America are concerned. By simply identifying in any noticeable way as a Christian in America in 2014, one is negatively impacted in a significant manner where work prospects are concerned. Corporate culture in America has become overwhelmingly and overtly hostile to a Christian worldview, so it should come as no surprise whatsoever that actual professing Christians are now being openly persecuted and punished.

As just one example of this practically impactful conflict of worldviews, the great majority of large American corporations are all aboard the “gay rights” and “gay marriage” bandwagons. This much has been so well chronicled and should be so obvious at this point that to even argue against this contention would demonstrate such a fundamental disconnect from reality that rational, coherent contemplation of the issue would seem to be impossible. Put another way, if you don’t know that corporate America is mostly at war with Christ on the major fronts defining the culture war in which America currently burns, you are at this point either a literal moron or willfully blind.

So, with this reality of corporate America in mind, and with our eyes and minds open and engaged, why on earth (or anywhere else) would anyone be surprised that actual, professing Christians are being persecuted when it comes to their economic prospects and job opportunities? This should be one of the most obvious, no-brainer, non-surprising developments imaginable, yet…we are surprised.

We are surprised because we are in denial.

We are in denial because we have been inspired and led to believe that corporations, profits, economics, and business pursuits are somehow, some way, able to be separated from the nature of God as revealed in His Word without catastrophic consequences.

This willful self-delusion is most often enabled by our personal comfort. So long as we are doing okay, we tend not to notice (or at least notice less) the plight of those who are experiencing the inevitable consequences of an economic culture at war with God.

It is only natural that any thing “at war withy God” would actively seek to wage that war on His people, so it cannot be surprising that Christians are right now in America actively, persistently penalized in significant ways for their allegiance to Christ.

And remember: The “In God We Trust” article is just talking about folks being dismissed for “admitting their faith” in some general, vague sense.

If this is so for those who “admit” or identify their faith in some watery, relatively benign manner, then what of those who take clear, bold, biblical stands?



No chance.

Don’t call us…and we won’t call you.

That’s the present reality right here and right now in much of “the land of the free” and the self-proclaimed “Christian nation” of America.

And that, dear reader, is evil.

It is evil that impacts and will increasingly impact Christians in the most practical, every-day ways until and unless God graces this land with true repentance and reformation…beginning with His people, the Church.


America’s Looming Mark of the Beast

The economic realities for American Christians right now – particularly those without a strong financial base from which to live – are in a bad place and are rocketing from that point into a much darker direction. We are no longer mere decades away from disaster; the looming bleakness that has seemed to be “on the horizon” for so long is almost here. We used to be able to pretend and ignore, but now almost everyone feels it.

With masses of Americans, including its Christian population, actively driven to dependence by a combination of governmental/corporate systems and an apathetic, disengaged “Christian subculture”, the stage has been intricately set and well developed for the coming purposeful implosion of the culture and open, physical persecution of Christians.

Back in August, I posted an article titled A Mark of the Beast, which was aimed at addressing the concept of Christian persecution through economics as it relates to the well known and oft debated passage in Revelation 13. I recommend checking that post out to get a more detailed explanation of why it is that what we are seeing here in America right now is the purposeful, systematic embrace and implementation of a mark of the beast.

I do not use these phrases or invoke these passages lightly. I hate going there, actually, at least in the sense that I am weak and I would very much like to pretend like others that this just isn’t really happening. But it is, and not only would my pretending be destructive to my self, my family, and my culture, but, more importantly, it would be dishonoring to my Lord and would cheat me of the incredible opportunity to lean on Him fully so that I might, by His grace, do three vital things:

  1. Face reality. No denial. No pretend. No lies.
  2. Repent. No excuses. No delay. Seek to submit to Him, admit to my many past and present failings as He gives me light to see them, and actively, actually repent of those wrong views and actions.
  3. Stand in and for Him right here, right now, and on into the future that He has given me. In other words, act in accordance with His Word and seize the opportunity to do that supernaturally cool and powerful thing in this time of great tumult and challenge.

These three steps are essential, and they are impossible apart from Him. Without Christ, I am positive that I would deny, pretend, and apathetically laze along as much or more than anyone else…but with Him…with Him and through Him His people can and will face these realities, stand firmly on His Word, proclaim His name in deed, and conquer the enemy, “tearing down strongholds”, “making disciples of the nations”, and striving ever more toward “His will being done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Now that is exciting!

That is cool!

And that is life-defining reality…for each and every one of His people.


Biblical Work and Business Ethics

In another cultural implosion chronicling piece posted at The Daily Caller on Thursday and entitled ‘Lost’ Emails Should Mean The End of IRS, one stands for danger, the other for opportunity.” Kennedy’s observation of this rather intriguing Chinese approach to the word and concept of crisis is presented in the context of the great danger that we are in as a result of the current IRS scandal(s). While the IRS issues are telling and important in many ways, they are merely symptoms of the sickness that is killing our culture before our eyes.

The root disease and sickness is not “liberalism” or “progressivism” or “Darwinism” or any of the other “isms” cited and hated by this or that group. The root cause of our present plunge into death spiral mode is sin – rebellion against the nature of God.

That’s the really bad news.

Now here’s the really, really good news:

We, as believers, have the one and only supernatural cure for this very sickness.

See? Once again, a reason for excitement and hope.

We have been given the supernatural Gospel of Christ, which calls men to repent, believe and be saved. We have been given the mission to take this supernatural cure for man’s born-dead condition to all nations so that, by God’s grace, men might be saved and then, for the first time ever, might desire and be able to truthfully pursue goodness, righteousness, and holiness in all things…including work, business, and economics.

With the supernatural Gospel of Christ as our weapon, there is no victory that is out of reach and no cultural nightmare scenario that is beyond repair. With this tool, and no other, we can, by God’s grace, see repentance, reformation, and restoration come to our land, and all others.

That is the power and mission that we have been given by Him in this hour…and once again I am compelled to say in light of this reality: How cool! How awesome!

While we are certainly to maintain an eternal perspective and not place  undue focus on the temporal, we are certainly and clearly called to actively apply and enjoy His word right here and now in ways that not only touch but actively shape each and every realm of life on this earth.

Do you love the thought of working hard and building something for your family? A business? A book store? A gas station, perhaps?

Do you love the thought of using your talents freely to the glory of God and, thereafter, the benefit of you, yours, and the greater culture as well?

Do you cherish the thought of your children being blessed with the opportunity to build upon what you have been blessed to build first here on earth to God’s glory and His people’s benefit?

These impulses and hopes are the natural expression of a coherent biblical worldview in the hearts and lives of Christians, and, believe it or not, we can again one day craft an environment in which these Christ-centered ideals are not only freed from persecution and suppression, but openly embraced and encouraged to take full flight throughout families, business, cultures and nations.

That is the fruit of the faithful proclamation and application of the supernatural Gospel of Christ, and that is the mission we have been given here and now.


The Mission and Mark of Christ

As I roll along toward completing the first draft of Fiat Slavery: The Economics of Hell, I have been astounded by the rank perversion of economics, business, and work that has come to define our culture. With the Word set aside in favor of worldly, man-centered “wisdom”, we have been purposefully, systematically led into a very real form of slavery that is about to turn the corner, right on schedule, into an overt tyranny the likes of which we can scarcely imagine. And yet, as I see these things with more clarity and aim to share them with others, the most important thing I have and hope to share is optimism.

I am optimistic, and all Christians ought to be optimistic, because our faith and our hope is rooted in Him.

Before you get the idea that you’ve just read another nice little toothless Christian platitude or mantra, my favorite part about this hope that is rooted in Him is that it actually has practical application right here and now and its application will supernaturally transform people, families, businesses, and cultures, right here and right now.

We are not to be exclusively about the business of whining or complaining or bemoaning…our corrections and criticisms are to be tethered to the Gospel – the loving command to repent and the supernatural cure for the disease of sinful rebellion. This is how light, life, and hope can and will, by God’s grace through His people, be brought to a land covered in darkness, death, and despair.

Much of the Fiat Slavery book will center on this beautiful hope and mission of ours, and it is in that spirit that I would like to touch on a handful of practical suggestions for applying the truth of the Gospel to our lives:

  1. Test all things in light of Scripture. We must each acknowledge that we have sinned, been deceived (often self-deceived), and bought into flagrantly unbiblical notions of great consequence – particularly where work, business, and economics are concerned. We must pray for a Spirit of repentance and submit to its leading. Our idols will not tolerate the light of Truth, and without the Spirit leading us to to that which is not only unnatural but utterly hostile to our flesh, we will never go there. So it is that we must pray that the Lord might grace us with the will to do that which we would never do in our flesh, and actively seek to submit every cherished thing – including our ideas of America, business, and even patriotism -to the perfect light of His Word.
  2. If you have a talent (and you do), strive to cultivate it in an explicitly God-honoring, Christ-centered manner and direction. If you draw, write, build, farm, knit, paint, or bake, strive to pursue and cultivate this talent in a manner that consciously strives to maintain a focus on the Lord and exalt His name and nature. This will inspire the pursuit of excellence as nothing else can. It will, at least in present day America, also inspire persecution as nothing else can, but even that is an honor and a blessing being purposefully used to mold you and glorify Him…and…with that said and that beautiful truth held firmly in hand, also remember that if and when the Lord moves His people in such a way that the culture is brought toward Him, your faithful obedience when times were darkest will serve as inspiration and encouragement to those fighting the good fight so that there might actually be a better place here for your children and grandchildren.
  3. Strive for personal independence of unbiblical systems. Complete independence of and separation from all unbiblical systems in which the present American culture has been purposefully ensnared may seem impossible, but, one Christ-centered step at a time, we must each strive to free ourselves of any and all unbiblical dependence and entanglements. For example, the forced redistribution of wealth and resources is the antithesis of Christian charity, and we ought to strive to free ourselves and encourage others in a direction that would see those systems abandoned to the point that they eventually die. Cultivating as many practical skills as possible is a positive way to approach this point. If we are each able to farm enough to feed ourselves, either as families or Church communities, we will have taken a great step towards biblical responsibility, proper adulthood and independence, and inoculated ourselves from many of the systems designed to ensnare those who have been purposefully “educated” to be ignorant and helpless when it comes to  feeding, clothing, and otherwise maintaining themselves. It is at least very reasonable to suppose that the single most feared thing by this present system is an independent, Christ-centered family…so let’s strive to build more of them, okay?
  4. If you have been blessed richly with resources, strive to use them in a biblically coherent manner. While subjects like boycotts of “evil” corporations or businesses can be touchy and hard to tackle in many ways, I would encourage each and every Christian to at least prayerfully examine and consider what they are doing (or not doing) now along the lines of investment and support of businesses, and then, wherever they are now, make the effort to move “one notch” in a more actively, clearly Christ-honoring direction. Two fine examples of overt corporate warfare on Christ that we’ve already touched on here are the perpetuation of the “gay agenda” and the economic persecution of openly professing Christians. Most of the most actively anti-Christian corporations are owned by stock holders, so, it is not much of a stretch to point out that we might want to at least consider whose war efforts we are financially supporting (and personally benefitting from) and whether we ought to continue to do so. Some positive approaches to this point would be to actively seek out not only Christian businesses to support, but also, for those who are able, Christian ministries and families. There are few things more impactful than a biblically rooted and blooming Christian family, and we ought to strive to do whatever we are able to both A) Cut off support from the numerous forces aiming to persecute and destroy such families, and B) actively support the growth and development of self-sufficient, biblically grounded, hard working Christian families and businesses.
  5. Strive for constant personal reformation. We should each be in the Word routinely, actively seeking to reform whatever our current understanding might be so that it might be ever more conformed to the perfect wisdom and nature of the Lord. This might sound like another platitude or hollow slogan, but it is in fact an essential component of the Christian life in practice. We have to “get over ourselves”, resist the ever present temptation to think we “have arrived”, and embrace the Semper Reformanda slogan of the reformation, not just as a slogan, but as a way of life. As we pursue this path and apply it to our understanding of work, business, and economics, we will flourish and prosper in ways that we cannot at present even begin to grasp.

I hope and pray that these suggestions are helpful and, as always, I encourage every reader to test anything said here in the perfect light of Scripture.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…”

If we actually do that loving, beautiful thing, every other good thing becomes possible right here and now…and until we do that loving, beautiful thing, nothing truly good and lasting will ever be possible here.

By the grace of God, great victories are just waiting to be won…if only we will have faith, believe in Him, and act.



© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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You might be a “useful idiot” if…


Abe 1 blg

The phrase “useful idiot” was probably born as a political pejorative aimed at describing “people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.”

Vladimir Lenin is often credited with coining the term, though, far as I can tell, his authorship hasn’t been confirmed. Still, the idea conveyed in “useful idiot” sure does seem to fit quite well with what we do know about Lenin and his worldview.

That being the case, conservative folks tend to enjoy using the “useful idiot” tag to address those of a leftist progressive political bent. Understandably, they see this is a cool, ironic sort of twist-of-the-knife opportunity to use some Vlad Lenin lingo against his very own disciples…or something like that. Thus, conservatives often gleefully incorporate it into book titles, articles and blogs, as well as conversations over dinner or around the water cooler.

It’s not really all that surprising then that “useful idiots” has come to be a term of derision most often aimed at and associated with those of a leftist progressive political bent. Conservative folks have done a fine job of turning (what are probably) Lenin’s own words against his cause.

Good job and neato to that, for sure. On a basic level, I’m right there with those who enjoy turning a tool of the enemy against other tools of the same.

But does the fact that the term “useful idiots” so clearly applies to advocates of leftist progressive or Christ-dismissing liberalism make the tools of the man-centered, progressive right or Christ-dismissing conservatism any less prone to “useful idiot” status or any less deserving of inclusion in the “useful idiot” category? Are willfully blind tools spent in service to the unbiblical leaders and unbiblical causes of the secular political right any less “useful idiots” than those enslaved to an equally man-centered worldview of a leftist bent?

If not, then are Christ-dismissing conservatives any less to blame than Christ-dismissing liberals for the current desperate position of America as a land and culture? Are these conservatives any less in need of hearing and heeding the Gospel command to repent?

Might these conservatives, many of them professing Christians, actually be more responsible for the present sate of America, based on the light given them?

Is it really reasonable to blame most those graced with the least light by which to see and craft a worldview?

How are we to test and measure all of these ideas and questions as Christians?

These seem to be important things to ask, ponder and answer in the best sense of “testing all things” (see: 1 Thessalonians 5:21), so that we might better do our Lord’s will in every realm here and now, all to His glory and our benefit. After all, as Christians, we know that such is the only true path to lasting peace and prosperity here in His creation. So it seems that we, as His “forgetful people” are much in need of a reminder as to who we are in Christ and how we are called (and equipped) to proclaim and reflect His nature right here and right now in every front on battlefield earth.

To that end, I’d like to respectfully submit for your consideration the following ten signs that you, Conservative, might indeed be a “useful idiot” to the enemies of Christ, His people, and His Kingdom…

  1. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that The Party of Lincoln and The Patriot Act is going to take a serious, sustained stand against a centralized, all-powerful Federal Corporate State.
  2. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that the party who birthed “Too Big to Fail” bank and business bailouts is going to champion individual financial responsibility, true free markets, and equal financial opportunity for all.
  3. You might be a useful idiot if…you think the party of Richard Nixon, who formally inaugurated a fiat currency/slavery system purposefully designed to give some the power to literally purchase, direct and control the lives of all others by way of “money” crafted out of thin air, is now or ever going to become a true champion for equal access to prosperity through a healthy work ethic and sound economics.
  4. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that the party of Lincoln/Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Bush/Dole/Bush/McCain/Romney is ever going to actually shrink the size, scope, or power of the federal government in any sustained, meaningful manner.
  5. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that the party of the Patriot Act, which openly eviscerated many of the most basic personal liberties and freedoms of average American citizens (all in the name of defending freedom and liberty, of course), is now going to take a serious stand for the personal freedoms and liberties of average American citizens.
  6. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that the party of perpetual war, upset about losing out on another “opportunity” in Syria and determined to make up for it in Ukraine, will ever purposefully lead us to lasting peace. (War is far too profitable for the “Too Big to Fail” folks and far too useful in solidifying and growing the power of the Corporate State.)
  7. You might be a useful idiot ifyou are far more angry at the composition (and composer) of this message than you are about the facts contained herein or than you are those who have led you by the nose in helping them to bring these terrible things to fruition. Put another way, if you actually cherish and believe in the beauty and necessity of biblically defined personal liberty, individual responsibility, free markets, a solid work ethic, the pursuit of peace, and equal opportunity for all, then why are you still supporting a political party that has consistently demonstrated open hostility to each and every one of those values in practice for sooooooooooooooooo long?
  8. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that Christ can be dismissed as the essential personal core of any true and good “value” or “principle” without that value or principle then becoming fundamentally corrupted to the point that it brings death to all that it touches. (This is how and why Christ-dismissing conservatism has, in practice, accomplished the destruction of every virtue and principle that many of its “useful idiots” claim to adore.)
  9. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that the fact that God has graciously allowed America so much time to repent in any way condones any single aspect of her persistent rebellion. The wrath of God is already pouring out on this Christ-dismissing land (see: Romans 1). Unless there is repentance (from Christ dismissing conservatives as much as anyone else), it will pour out fully and America will be rightly destroyed.
  10. You might be a useful idiot if…you think that you are fooling anyone by pretending never to have heard or or noticed such facts as those presented here. You have been made aware of them and you are responsible to God for what you do with what you have been shown.

If you’re still reading and open to a suggestion, please consider avoiding conservative political talk and commentary for one full month while exclusively pursuing Scripture and solidly Christ-centered writings and teachings on economics, family, work, business, and the like. Purge yourself of the bilge and noise that has become so common on the right and so uncritically accepted by many Christians. Seek to restore Christ as King over your own political and economic thoughts and actions, so that you might influence this dying culture for the better while there is yet time.

Shake off the political puppet show that has fo so very long distracted so many “useful idiots” into service of the enemies of Christ and the material enslavement of His people.

Please test every word and contention made here in light of His perfect nature as revealed in His perfect Word and act on what you find therein. Then, and only then, we might actually attain the many beautiful things that Christ-dismissing conservatism claims to offer, but can and will never actually deliver.

Please accept this challenge to seek Him out in all things at this critical time…or ignore it and become not only a useful idiot, but a willful one.

© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Four Marks of Conservatism’s Counterfeit Gospel

F-16A, F-15C and F-15E flying during Desert Storm. (U.S. Air Force photo)

For those of you hoping to find validation for leftist progressive causes or worldviews here after reading (and perhaps smiling at) the title of this post, lemme save you some time and say plainly from the get go: Not. Gonna. Happen.

Not at all.

The manner in which leftist progressives passionately wage their futile, pouty “war” on the King of creation and His people is so tragically-comical in its over-the-top presentation that there’s not much need to remind Christians that progressives hate God and are doing everything they can to show it before they bow their knees and proclaim His majesty after their pathetic little rebellion is finally and forever put to rest (see: Romans 14:11).

The point here is to focus on a particular flavor of worldview that has proven wildly popular to professing Christians in America for many decades now:


Conservatism in America has become all the rage and then some in the evangelical community since the rise of Ronald Reagan in the ’80s, and for largely understandable reasons.

Biblical Christianity overtly and explicitly promotes the sanctity of marriage, the abominable nature of homosexuality, the necessity of a good work ethic, the importance of private property rights, and the need for sound economics.

These are biblical truths, to be sure, and the success of the Republican Party and conservative movement in appealing to these perspectives has allowed them to capture the attention and loyalty of the vast majority of professing Christians in America.

The fatal flaw in this is that this brand of conservatism is demonstrably and destructively disconnected from two components essential to achieving true, lasting prosperity and peace in any area of life. These two things are:

1. The Person of Jesus Christ, and

2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In its separation from the Person of Jesus Christ, conservatism in America has actively destroyed the very things it claims to cherish.

In its separation from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, conservatism in America has sealed the only window by which we might repent and escape the smoldering inferno in which its policies have trapped present and future generations.

It claims to stand for property rights, yet in practice it has grown the state regularly a staggering pace for generations. It claims to stand for liberty, yet in practice, from Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush, its icons have routinely eviscerated individual liberty in favor of an all-powerful State and centralized government. It claims to be a champion of personal responsibility, a good work ethic, free market capitalism, and sound economics, yet in practice it consistently champions a fiat currency/fiat slavery system fully inaugurated by Richard Nixon (and propped up by every major “conservative” Republican since). This system, despite all of the loud, persistent propaganda to the contrary, actively and purposefully undermines the concepts of personal responsibility, a good work ethic, free markets, and sound economics at every turn. It is built by design on what God calls “an abomination” (Proverbs 11:1) , all for the purpose of enslaving the masses for the benefit of the “too big to fail” and “too powerful to jail” corporate-political elite.

In the place of Christ, His Gospel and repentance, American conservatism offers idolatry, legalism and pride. Idolatry and legalism simultaneously shine in the ceaseless American conservative appeal to “values” and “principles” (and even “Christian values” and “Christian principles”) while refusing to repent and bow the knee to Christ as King as He has commanded.

If leftists who worship the earth and “mommy nature” are in doing so quite obviously acting out in rank idolatry (worshiping the creation rather than the creator), then are American conservatives no less idolatrous when they blather on and on about their values and principles while refusing to repent and explicitly embrace the Creator of all true values and sound principles?

If man-centered religions tend to peg the danger meter when they proclaim a works-based salvation, which is utterly incompatible with (and blasphemous to) the revealed nature of King Jesus, then why is American conservatism, in its appeal to works (through the embrace of “values” and “principles” without embracing Christ) not entitled to membership in the man-centered religion club?

These are important questions and our basically ignoring them to this point has produced incredible consequences.

In the name of “conservative values”, American conservatism has destroyed conservative values, and the present working and younger generations are going to pay a price that is significantly beyond anything endured by any other generation in the history of the republic.

Now, with those happy thoughts in place, let’s remember that true Christians who are enduring these things and facing these challenges are enduring and facing them purposefully (Romans 8:28). God has us excactly where and when He wants us.

With that in mind, I want to share, equip, and hopefully encourage brothers and sisters in the Church Militant as we wage the good warfare to expand the Kingdom of King Jesus. Specifically, I respectfully submit for your prayerful consideration what I believe are four marks of the counterfeit gospel of conservatism that has ravaged America and is currently doing much to hold her down and keep her from finding the only path to true restoration and revival.

These four marks are evidenced and on display in many places, policies, and pursuits of the conservative movement, but I would like to take a moment here to focus on the most prominent means of conservative evangelism – talk radio and television – and some of the best known and most influential personalities within that medium.

Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity each seem like my kind of guy in so many ways. I agree with much of what they say. I mean I really agree. I love the stands they take on certain particular issues and I enjoy listening to each of their shows from time to time.
But I do so with a filter, as I must, because these guys are dangerous.

And I don’t mean “dangerous” in the cool or good way. I mean dangerous in the “threat to undermine a Christian worldview” kind of way.

Therefore, the filter I actively, consistently strive to apply when pondering anything these guys say is the Word of God.

So why do I feel the need to tackle this subject this way? Why do I call these guys and this movement destructive to the pursuit and application of a Christian worldview?

The answer is easy: Because, in practice, in their daily multi-hour worldview broadcasts, these guys make plain that they don’t believe the Gospel in any meaningful, measurable way.

For the Christian, everything centers on Christ and His glorious Gospel. For the unbeliever…not so much.

That said, there are many good and fairly obvious reasons why you never hear guys like Limbaugh, Levin, Savage and Hannity clearly proclaim the Gospel, much less make it the essential core of their worldview. Here are four examples, each of which serve well as an important mark or warning as to exactly what we are dealing with here.

1. The gospel of Conservatism dismisses the Gospel of Christ.

You never hear the Gospel embraced as essential by these men because it isn’t really very important to them at all, much less essential.

This one should fall easily into the “fairly obvious” category mentioned above, but, after decades of conditioning promoting the unfettered idolatry of conservatism and its trinkets, this “fairly obvious” truth will come as a stunner to many (and an offensive stunner, at that). Through our culture’s multi-generational neglect of Scripture, this hidden-in-plain-view reality has managed to find itself so far “off the radar” of most professing Christian conservative listeners that it has, practically speaking, disappeared entirely. Most professing Christians on the American political right actually believe that they are witnessing a Christian worldview on display when they sit through hours and hours and hours of conservative talk, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and, now, decade after decade.

After decades of soaking in and soaking up the “conservative first” worldview, most professing Christian fans of the conservative talk genre would be startled (and likely offended) to hear it even suggested, much less stated plainly, that they have been swilling, swimming, and soaking in a worldview that is competing with biblical Christianity, rather than embracing or exemplifying it.

As Christians, the fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t significantly impact, much less define, the worldviews of Rush, Mark, Michael, and Sean, must figure prominently in our consideration and assessment of everything these men have to say about anything.

2. The gospel of Conservatism displaces the Gospel of Christ.

You never hear the Gospel actively promoted by these men because they have another gospel to promote in its place.

Where a Christian worldview by definition filters and tests everything by the personal nature of Christ as revealed in His Word, the gospel of conservatism, as all other counterfeit gospels, encourages its adherents to test all Scripture in light of conservatism.

You see, they have a gospel of their own. It’s a gospel of “values” and “conservative principles”. They will preach and preach and preach about these things, in detail and with the passion that can be rightly described as adoring worship. The believe that these “conservative values” and “conservative principles” can actually save people and culture. This is their gospel.

3. The gospel of Conservatism despises the Gospel of Christ.

You never hear the Gospel from these men because “conservative-first” folks simply don’t do repentance. Repentance is for liberals. Repentance is for homosexuals. Repentance is for Clintons, Kennedys, Obamas and Lady Gaga.

Repent of supporting a Republican who ran against a Kennedy, Clinton, or Obama? Never!

Repent of supporting a “conservative” who cut the dollar loose from its last remaining vestige of gold-supplied restraint, thus creating an entire global economy based on something God despises and will destroy? Never!

Besides, who needs American repentance when you can have good ol’ American pride instead?

And who needs personal repentance when you focus all of your attention on how much those other guys (Democrats, homosexuals, leftists, etc.) need to repent?

In its constant appeals to the “goodness” of America, the promotion of American pride, and the exaltation of religious pluralism as a blue chip American virtue, conservatism has done as much as any movement to place this nation squarely (and proudly!) in the “begging for God’s wrath” camp.

In all of these things it demonstrates a disdain for the Gospel.

4. The gospel of Conservatism distracts from the Gospel of Christ.

You never hear the Gospel from these men because a primary goal of gospel of conservatism, as with all counterfeit gospels, is to waste the time and energy of people who might otherwise be actively seeking to advance the Kingdom of God with precision and power as commanded in His Word.

God has given us to the one and only perfect tool capable of healing a culture one supernatural salvation at a time. There is no alternative route to restoration.

The more time we waste trying to use everything but the Gospel and Word to save our neighbor and everything else, the more we earn our place as a culture under the wrath of God.

May He grace His people with the power to stand and apply His truth in all realms here and now while there is yet time.


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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