Shields up! Ready Weapons! The Globalists are De-cloaking…


As a confirmed sci-fi geek since…well…basically conception, I’ve always loved things like the original Star Trek.

Those gloriously cheesy Styrofoam sets, the over-the-top sound effects, the under-the-bottom visual effects, and [insert Shatner voice here] the…most…hyper…dramatic…dialogue…ever! [end Shatner voice now, please]

What’s not to love, right?! (Please either agree or just humor me and play along.)

All of these potentially show destroying ingredients somehow managed to come together in the most beautiful, powerful, and impactful way with Trek because it sailed over the bar that must be conquered in order for any fiction to be good fiction. That bar is the willing suspension of disbelief.

The willing suspension of disbelief must be attained for fiction to work. Viewers (or readers) of a work of fiction must be able and willing to dive deep into the realm of fantasy and imagination if fiction is to work. They have to be willing to set aside their normal standard of critical examination and enjoy the fantasy that is unfolding before their eyes.

Good fiction does this. Good fantasy requires it. Our good and gracious God has given us both the desire to create fantastic settings and great works of drama, as well as the ability to suspend disbelief in pursuit of enjoying and understanding the themes, messages, and insights on display on those works of fiction.

Of course, all of these concepts have been corrupted by man, sometimes toward much darker ends than others…

Birds of Prey in Fiction

One of my favorite repeated bits of drama in Star Trek, both in the original series and in the early movies based around the same crew, comes when an enemy ship called a Bird of Prey “de-cloaks”.

For those of you sad, sad creatures who have no idea as to what I am referring with all o’ this “Bird of Prey” and “de-cloaking” gibberish, allow me to explain:

In the Star Trek universe, there are bad guys, including Klingons and Romulans, both of whom have a variety of ship types (just as nations here on earth have naval vessel types – think: aircraft carriers, destroyers, and missile cruisers, for example).

One shared ship type between the Klingons and Romulans is the Bird of Prey. These two bad guy fleets each include versions of the Bird of Prey, and the thing that most distinguishes these ships is their ability to conceal themselves from detection through the use of some high-tech wizardry known as a cloaking device.

Birds of Prey are made to stalk undetected, waiting for the most opportune moment to pounce on a completely unexpecting victim and destroy ’em, quick and easy like. Bad guys tend to be into that sort of thing, so it all makes perfect sense. That’s just how they roll (or float, or fly, or whatever).

All o’ that said, this means that Captain Kirk, Spock and the gang have to be aware that there are these enemy ships out there, potentially lurking right around the proverbial corner waiting to blast ’em to bits.

But, as we learned in Star Trek III, there are two key weaknesses that come along with using these diabolical cloaking devices:

1. First, their use doesn’t always completely obscure the ship in question. There will sometimes be a feint distortion or slight trace of their being there, if you know where to look and what to look for.

2. And secondly, the cloaking devices used so much energy that the bad guys couldn’t power up their weapons at the same time that their ship was cloaked.

Now that we have explained all of the necessary (and pretty cool, I think) overlapping parts between the beautiful fictional fantasy world of Star Trek and our present day reality right here on God’s earth, let’s see what we can see…

Birds of Prey in Reality

For generations now, a great and powerful malevolent force has been at work in America. Until recently, it has remained cloaked largely through its successful use of three tools:

  • State-controlled “education”, which has purposefully shaped the minds of the masses in an anti-Christ, pro-Corporate/Government direction, producing increasingly compliant and obedient disciples of the Corpo-Fascist State.
  • Corporate controlled media, which produces a culture ever more favorably inclined toward Corporate/Government interests.
  • Corpo-Fascist owned political theater, which allows for the ongoing production of endlessly distracting political dramas and puppet shows, all of which successfully divert energy and distract attention from the real enemy orchestrating it all while that enemy waits for the perfect moment to finally decloak and destroy their purposefully ignorant and unprepared prey…

…which leads us rather neatly to where we are right now in America.

Wanna see the real world equivalent of a Bird of Prey de-cloaking about two inches from the tip of your nose, with it’s weapons powering up and ready to roll?

Check this out:

  • The southern border is now swung wide open to whoever or whatever wants to crawl across it (al Qaeda, ISIS, anyone?)…but you, “brave, free” American, will bend over on command at the airport so that the TSA can look for al Qaeda and/or ISIS in your underwear.
  • Fiat “money” (and fiat slavery) creation is roaring at a satanic pace, aimed to inflate the perceived value of things so that those with significant assets will be pleased and pacified while those without such assets will find themselves increasingly persecuted under the increasing “value” of assets like food, housing, clothing, and gasoline…but the inflation won’t go on forever, of course. It will pop soon, but the idea is for it to go on just long enough to keep the temporarily well healed apathetic while driving the rest of the masses into abject poverty and dependence upon the State (see yesterday’s article on why Americans of all stripes just love food stamps).
  • The Imperial Presidency and its wing man (aka “Congress”) is expanding the power of the Corpo-Fascist State at, again, a satanic pace. The establishment – Republican and Democrat alike – does nothing to prevent this, of course, because, for all of the distracting rhetoric of their standard Pro Wrestling political theatre acts, they are all on the same team. They are all reading from the same script aimed at achieving the same end, that being the end of America as anything remotely resembling an actual “land of the free and home of the brave”.

How’s that for a de-cloaking monster?

We have seen the distortions of our cloaked enemy for some time now. We’ve been encouraged by others to ignore or dismiss these distortions as insignificant, but we have seen them.

We have watched the distortions grow and grow until even the most purposefully obtuse and apathetic among us have to admit that there is something profoundly troubling afoot. Well, now we know…our apathy and denial is being forced into retreat at the unfolding reality of the ultimate Bird of Prey uncloaking right in front of us.

The groundwork has been laid and 100+ years of cloaked and semi-cloaked activity has paved the way. Now it is time to destroy.

That [begin Shatner voice] is ourreality…right…now! [end Shatner voice]

Past generations of Americans have faced nothing like this.

This is not “just another cycle”, be it economic, political, or any other sort.

This is endgame.

So let’s act accordingly while we still have the opportunity to actually do something, okay?

May God inspire us in this dark hour to repent, believe, and actively build our everything upon Him right here and right now, all by His grace, for His glory, and most certainly for our benefit.

That message of hope and action is one I aim to detail in the coming book, Fiat Slavery: The Economics of Hell (and America). Lord willing, it’ll be out in September or October. Prayers for that work to be completed in the most God-glorifying and Church-encouraging manner possible would be much appreciated.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Tears of a Clown: How good Republicans “mourn” the death of America…while making it happen.



In The Crisis on the Border, published this week by The Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan dutifully resumes her well-worn role of conservative-ish Republican voice of reason/propaganda, showing us once again that at least some of the good folks in Republicanville are paying very close attention and are very, very, very concerned about our nation’s desperate and rapidly deteriorating condition.

Yessiree, they are very concerned.





They are downright aghast. Make that aghast!

…or something like that…whatever it takes to get you to believe in the American political theatre puppet-show for just a little…while…longer…

In the piece, Noonan does what she’s been doing successfully since her days of wordcraft in writing speeches for party leaders like George H.W. Bush, for whom she spun such well known hits as, “kinder, gentler nation” and “thousand points of light”.

True to form, in her WSJ piece, we get oodles of color-by-number empathy, sympathy, concern, and (almost) outrage, along with a healthy(?) dose of Republican/Democrat paradigm reinforcement.

Mmmm, mmmm, good!

She begins with,

“What is happening at the southern border is a true and actual crisis. News accounts justly use words like chaos, collapse and breakdown. They feature images of children—toddlers, 4- and 5-year-olds—being shuffled to warehouse holding centers, sleeping crowded at night on what look like pallets, covered only in Mylar blankets. ‘I never thought we’d have refugee camps in America,’ said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, ‘but that’s what it’s appearing.'”

And she closes with,

Meanwhile some in the conservative press call the president incapable, unable to handle the situation. But he is not so stupid he doesn’t know this is a crisis. He knows his poll numbers are going to go even lower next month because of it. He scrambled Wednesday to hold a news conference to control a little of the damage, but said nothing new.

There is every sign he let the crisis on the border build to put heat on Republicans and make them pass his idea of good immigration reform. It would be “comprehensive,” meaning huge, impenetrable and probably full of mischief. His base wants it. It would no doubt benefit the Democratic Party in the long term.

The little children in great danger, holding hands, staring blankly ahead, are pawns in a larger game. That game is run by adults. How cold do you have to be to use children in this way?

With bucketloads of empathy, sympathy, and any number of additional pathologies deployed, we are meant to be left with hearts tugged, brows furrowed, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, the American people will inspire and/or shove the Republicans into once again manning up and finding a way to save us from the coldness and consequences of those diabolical Democrats.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (and I mean that literally)…where is George Bush!?

Either one; I’m flexible.

As I recall, at least two of them have been Presidents and I’m pretty sure at least one of those two lives in Texas…where rumor has it that we now share an open border (and border crisis, according to Ms. Noonan) with Mexico.

See where this is going?

Oh, but wait…wait just a minute


hrmmm…that name rings another bell…

Oh yeah! I remember now…NAFTA!

Also known as: The North American Free Trade Agreement…which was designed to implement early major steps toward bring all us North Americans together in a more formal way and was signed into effect by…*drumroll*…one President George H.W. Bush.

Well isn’t that special?

Sure seems to be…and unless we’re “special” too, we ought to be able to see the glaring, flagrant, practically-neon-lit-and-on-fire-waving-red-flag that is unfurled and flapping right in front of our eyes:

This border crisis is engineered, and it is engineered by the globalist forces that own and operate both wings of the American political puppet show.

Obviously, the Democrat party is largely built upon open contempt for God and therefore an actual (if at times unconscious) contempt for anything good. But not so obviously, the Republican Party is being led in the same direction by leaders with the same basic foundation of belief, that being: Man-centeredness.

In it’s rebellion against the authority of God’s Word, the Republican Party has long been charting a dark path for America…a path to the same destination charted by the man-centeredness of the Democrat Party, albeit with different views and stops along the way.

Both major political parties share a contempt in practice for children, liberty, freedom, kittens, and rainbows (unless they’re promoting homosexuality).

So what’s this about “coldness” then, Peggy? Can you actually be wondering what would make someone so “cold” as to “use children this way”?

I mean, what’s the big deal about children? We murder ’em by the tens of millions here in “land of the free and the home of the brave”. We do so mainly for convenience, and the wives of both President Bushes (including the one you wrote speeches for) are for maintaining that pro-infanticide aspect of contemporary Americana. So what exactly are you talking about?

“Coldness”…gimme a break.

The gig is up, Pegs.

We’re on to your game.

You and your kind may deploy The Children as Prop Alpha in everything from the unfolding crisis on the border to the unfolding propaganda of Crisis on the Border, bit it’s just not flying anymore.

May we all repent of having ever bought into the game being played out on the border with those poor children – a game that has produced the graves of tens of millions of innocents murdered for profit and convenience, and a game that is even now about to doom American children of the present to a future of servitude to the emerging Corpo-Fascist State.


 …if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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The Sweet Taste of Control: Why Corpo-Fascist Americans Love Food Stamps


Republican, Democrat, liberal, and conservative American leaders agree: Soup lines Food stamps EBT Cards are awesome!

And why are they awesome?

‘Cause dependence on the State is awesome, that’s why!

Oh sure, most Left/Right leaders or activists won’t say it quite that way, but the remarkably similar actions of both major parties over the course of many long, painful decades have made it clear that the elitists atop the American Corpo-Fascist State are all about increasing power and control by increasing the quantity and severity of dependence in its subjugated people.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Gore, Romney, McCain, Nixon, Johnson, Carter, Dole, Gingrich, Huckabee and pals are all on the same page here.

The. Same. Page.

Get it?!

Oh sure, they talk entirely different games and say very different things, but man, when they have the power to act, it’s amazing how consistent they are with one another. Weird, huh? It’s almost like they’re really on the same team or something.

That’s ’cause they are. Stop being obtuse.

Man up, buttercup. Face reality, please…while there’s still a point in bothering.

Do you think it’s just coincidence, obliviousness, or “aw shucks” incompetence that keeps each and every major party President or Presidential Nominee from making a serious move to remove the shackle of dependence on Food Stamps from the backs of Americans?

Or from actually getting the State out of “education”?

Or from actually ending the State-empowering spirit of perpetual war that keeps us feeding our young into woodchippers ’round the globe?

Or from actually ending US funding and support for the very “terrorist” groups that the State then uses to terrorize us into freedom and liberty sacrificing submission?

The State always grows under their guidance. Always.

Liberty and freedom always shrinks under their guidance.

Any rocket scientists out there care to hazard a guess as to where this is going or whether or not it is going there purposefully?

Once we decided that the fear of the Lord was not the necessary core of our economics, politics, business pursuits, military adventures or anything else, we set our culture and our children up for exactly what is happening now…and the much worse stuff that’ll be here in a minute or two.

Once the glory of God was openly replaced by the pursuit of material profit as the primary purpose of business, then business became a conduit of slavery, death and destruction…a reality which we see confirmed with increasing clarity each passing day here in the “land of the free” and home of the NSA.

Corporations love loaded EBT cards because they love paying customers and don’t care where customers get their funding.

Stock holders love loaded EBT cards because they love profitable corporations.

Government loves loaded EBT cards because they produce dependence, and a dependent population is a population that is easily controlled.

And, of course, the increasingly persecuted masses at the bottom love loaded EBT cards because, having had their present economic prospects ruined and future economic hopes robbed in order to feed the present day profits of those in the aforementioned corporate/government/stock holder camps, they are left scrambling ever more desperately with each passing work week for the basics in life, including food.

So, you see it then, right?

Why EBT cards are awesome, I mean.

They’re awesome because everybody wins!

Everybody is happy, happy, happy!

The corporations make money, their stock holders make money, the government tightens its grip on the culture, and the enslaved, trampled masses at the bottom get to eat!

Woohoo, yay for Corpo-Fascism, and God bless America!

And you know that the best part is? The big bonus? The awesome, supercool, unbelievably fantastical mega-cherry on top of it all?

These Corpo-Fascist devils and their fans acquire this mind-blowing power to enslave the masses and live well in this increasingly controlled, crushed civilization…with fake money that they print (or type) out of thin air!

Out. Of. Thin. Air.

How’s that for clever!

Fiat currency’s primary function is to produce fiat slavery. That’s why Corpo-Fascists create it and that’s why they love it.  Not so coincidentally, fiat currency is also an abomination to God (see: Proverbs 11:1), and we have become a proud, controlled abomination defined culture, to be sure.

All that we can do in response – all we have ever been able to do in response – is repent, believe, and be saved. Only through our personal repentance and application of the Gospel in every realm of our lives can we find real hope right here and now…and that’s just what His people have been called and equipped to do.


 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.

1 Timothy 6:10


 A false balance is an abomination to the LORD,
but a just weight is his delight.

Proverbs 11:1


 …if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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So even the Germans are creeped out by our Surveillance State.



So even the Germans are creeped out by our Surveillance State.


I mean, you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty impressive thing we just did there. Way to go, ‘merica! [insert “U!-S!-A!” chant here]

As The Washington Post reported today, Germany has formally requested that the US CIA station chief based in the country just go ahead and get on outta there. (Click here to read the story.)

So even the homeland (or “fatherland”) of Nazism, The Gestapo, and the infamous Stasi of Cold War era East Germany has apparently decided that enough is enough and that America is way too into this whole surveillance thing. Interesting context there, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, back here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA, most Americans just roll with it, as they’ve been programmed and conditioned to do for generations now.

Most routinely proclaim their pride in present day America, boast of her God-honored greatness, and pledge their allegiance to the “indivisible” State, even (and especially) on Independence Day (irony is often lost on State programmed folks).

Yet the same obedient patriots who like to rant and sing about their “liberty”, “freedom”, and the like pretty much do as they’re told without question, including the surrender of their children to the State for formal, day-long indoctrination starting at the age of five. They also tend to automatically suck it up like a good herd member by bending over on command so the TSA can search their underwear for al Qaeda at the airport. They graze on indifferently as the NSA searches their email for “suspicious thoughts”. And, of course, they unquestioningly submit to IRS claims to any detail of their financial lives.

All of this “command/obey” living is done while the cattle in question is encouraged by the State to imagine and boldly proclaim itself to be both “free” and “brave“.

This. Is. 1984. (“War is peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength.”)

But it is even more Romans 1. (We are “given over” under God’s judgment.)

There is no chance – zero, zip, nada, zilch! – of true freedom or peace apart from the fear of the Lord.

The only source of true and lasting liberty, freedom, prosperity, and peace is the Lord. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Every claim to freedom and liberty apart from explicit reliance on the nature of God as revealed in His Word is a lie from the pit of hell.

With this understood, repentance is our only hope. Until we repent, our phony “freedoms” and “liberties” will continue to be taken from us…by God, through the American Corpo-Fascist State, in accordance with His judgment upon us.

When Germany is creeped out over our surveillance state…well, that oughta tell us something…

May He break us of our rebellion and inspire us to repent, believe, and be saved.


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Christ-less Economics: It’s Pretty Gay, too.

Gay Buck

It’s not exactly news that Christians who dare operate their businesses in accordance with biblical principles are increasingly taking it on the chin as America’s Corpo-Fascist spin on “the mark of the beast” rolls out and over the culture.

It’s also not exactly stunning anymore to hear that Christ-honoring folks are getting economically hammered for their lack of support of the new corporate and state-imposed pro-homosexuality orthodoxy. For fairly obvious reasons, bakeries, photographers, and other businesses catering to the celebration of marriage are now under focused assault by the forces of tolerance. There have been many tales of persecution along these lines recently in the post-Christian West, and, as a natural consequence, we are already becoming desensitized to them. We’ve been ’round that track a few times before, sadly.

Even so, it looks like we’re getting another lap in…

As reported by Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes, a UK bakery owned by a Christian family is facing legal action after it declined to make a cake printed with a message supporting gay marriage. (Click here for the story.)

The Belfast Telegraph’s reporting of the story included the following detail:

The Equality Commission has told the owner of Asher’s Baking Company that it has broken the law by refusing to bake a cake for a member of a gay rights group.

Daniel McArthur (24), general manager at the Newtownabbey company which has been running since 1992 and employs 62 people, said Asher’s had been founded by Christians, and the current directors are Christians.

“That means that we run our business according to Christian values and beliefs, according to what the Bible teaches. It means for example that we don’t open on Sundays, that we trade openly and honestly with people,” he said.

Mr McArthur said even the company’s name was Biblical, as Asher was one of the 12 tribes of Israel. “It was a tribe that had gifted bakers,” he added.

He said a customer had placed an order for a “celebration cake” at Asher’s Belfast bakery.

LGBT activist Gareth Lee had asked for the cake to include a slogan that said ‘support gay marriage’ along with a picture of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and the logo of the Queerspace organisation.

One of many lessons to be learned from the unfolding nightmare around us is that everything is connected. There is no realm, immaterial or physical, in all of creation that can be “set aside” or sequestered to rot “by itself” in its rebellion against the lordship of Christ. If one area is given over to rebellion, it will touch every other and its corruption will ceaselessly spread until and unless the Lord graces those in rebellion with repentance and restoration…and that will only happen through His obedient people’s faithful proclamation and application of the supernatural Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sheer gayness of our education, our economics, and even our cheeseburgers is an entirely predictable and appropriate consequence of our rebellion. The rapid, downward spiral of our culture is loaded with clear signs that God’s righteous judgment is now falling upon us (see: Romans 1).

That said, the good (great, actually) news is that we have been given the time to repent of our Christ-dismissing pursuits and build upon Him as our Rock in all things – be they educational, political, economic, or fast food related. Everything is covered and defined by the true Gospel – every good thing in His creation is given life by His nature as revealed in His Word.

So it is that a Christ-centered worldview in action is essential not only to our survival, but it also can empower us to thrive right here and now. The first step toward implementing this understanding and pursuing personal repentance is to understand and acknowledge that we have been raised in this culture to embrace Christ-dismissing views in most areas of life.

Everything in God’s creation is fundamentally connected in that it is defined by the light of His nature. Thus, the increasing gayness of every realm of American life should be anything but surprising.

Everything is connected, and purposefully so. I touched on this subject last month in Christ-less Education: It’s Pretty Gay and would encourage Christians to seek the Word on the all-encompassing, pervasive nature of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our not only understanding but embracing and applying His actual lordship over everything is our one and only hope.

In that spirit, there is great encouragement and hope to be found even in these stories of rank anti-Christian economic persecution. In a world crafted and owned by the God of Romans 8:28, this should come as no surprise.

Isn’t it interesting (and inspiring!) to see that these small business owners are, in many of the instances that have been reported in recent years, willing to put everything – their very livelihood and then some – on the line to take a stand? A stand that could cost them and their families so very much?

Now that is faith in action!

That. Is. Real.

Beautifully real.

In light of these beautiful demonstrations of faith in action, I’d like to respectfully submit a couple of questions for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration (and yes, I will strive to contemplate and remind myself of these questions as well):

  1. How does the faith of these economically battered believers compare with the faith of those who are knowingly supporting (or financially benefitting from) the very businesses and corporations behind the anti-Christian movement to “mark” obedient believers for extreme economic persecution?
  2. How are we to best help our brothers and sisters (and even ourselves) not only survive in this climate of escalating anti-Christian persecution, but thrive by building Christ-centered, God-honoring, culture-impacting families and businesses? (Hint: The answer to this one begins with true personal repentance, which will always produce productive, God-glorifying, and life-changing actions.)

Thank you for your consideration of these things, and remember: God has His people right where He wants them.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!



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American Culture Speaks: Iconic celebrity addresses the relationship between women, work, and family.

With the hope of better understanding the culture by which we have been defined and for which America now evangelizes the world (including its own children), the following quote promoting a “news” piece published earlier today is presented without additional comment for your consideration:

“My mom taught us we CAN have it all!”

~ Kim Kardashian


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American “Freedom Fighting” Tool Sledgehammers Jonah’s Tomb

ISIS meets Jonah

As reported by many sources today, including The Daily Mail, ISIS militants have taken a sledgehammer to Jonah’s tomb in Iraq’s Nineveh province. You can click here for the whole sad, but not very surprising story.

This same ISIS was just months ago the object of support and encouragement from none other than the powers that control “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in their efforts to pursue yet another war and topple yet another government. American Republicans and Democrats alike once again revealed their true shared globalist loyalties by joining together to convince, intimidate, and practically beg the American people to support a military move into Syria. In lieu of convincing the public to feed even more of its young adults into the wood chipper of Corpo-Fascist American military ops, the globalist forces that own our government settled for helping “freedom fighters” in Syria…freedom fighters like ISIS.

So yesterday’s America aided “freedom fighters” in Syria are today’s “radical Islamic terrorists” in Iraq, massacring Christians and demolishing things like Jonah’s tomb. Like al-Qaeda before it, ISIS is this moment’s embodiment of the American Corpo-Fascist State’s now-obvious and long running MO, that being to use anything and anyone to advance its anti-Christ globalist goals, which include:

  • The perpetuation of fear at home to justify the continuing sacrifice of individual liberty and freedom.
  • The perpetuation of endless war overseas to advance the Corpo-Fascist agenda globally.
  • The perpetuation of endless war and domestic militarization for the financial profit of the corporate military industrial complex.
  • The perpetuation of fiat slavery through fiat “money”, which God hates (Proverbs 11:1) and the Corpo-Fascists have used to manipulate masses not only into slavery, but into a love and defense of their slavery. (“War is peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.” ~ George Orwell, 1984)
  • The perpetuation of economic warfare on those who stand boldly and clearly for Christ for the purpose of eventually securing their total material dependence upon the Corpo-Fascist welfare state. (See: The “mark of the beast” in Revelation 13 and compare it with the defining worldview mark of God’s people as presented in Deuteronomy 6.)
  • The perpetuation of an all-encompassing welfare state in order to establish and maintain control over its dependents.
  • The perpetuation of State-controlled “education”, which will eventually become compulsory for those purposefully driven onto the welfare rolls (see how that works?), so that control and uniformity of anti-Christian thought can be maintained by the Corpo-Fascist State.

ISIS is but the latest disgusting player in this purposefully unfolding tragedy. The truth is that we have also been players. We are responsible.

So it is that we have to wake up, repent, and take radical, all-out action right now.

Put another way: We need to stop being passive, lazy, selfish tools of the enemy and start being actual servants of the Lord in deed.

The hour is late. Time is short.

Until and unless we repent of our personal contributions to the Corpo-Fascist American beast that is ravaging the world and persecuting believers in increasingly vile ways en route to its goal of global secular government, we have no business expecting anything but increasing darkness in our land, we have no one more appropriate than ourselves to blame for that darkness, and we have no business complaining about how others need to do this or that thing to help right the rapidly sinking ship called America.

The responsibility for repentance and restoration through the application of the Gospel in all realms right here and now lies first with us. It isn’t on Obama, the liberals, the Democrats, or the Muslims…it’s on the Church.

Judgment begins with God’s people, so let us seek the only actual solution to our myriad problems and set an example by not only proclaiming the lordship of Christ over all things, but applying His lordship to all things right here and now, while there is yet time.

Please consider (and apply) the Word:

 Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name. For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:16-17)


And Jesus came and said to them,All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you...”

(Matthew 28:18-20 – emphasis added)

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


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