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One-Trick Donkey: The Democrat and His Precious Race Card

Bubba Clinton…Van Jones…Jimmy Carter…Al Gore…Walter Mondale…Jesse Jackson…Jeremiah Wright!

Arianna…Donahue…Charlie Rangel…Barry O…Chris Matthews…John Dingell… Janeane Garafalo!

Think Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire and just keep adding names as they pop into your head. I stopped at verse three-hundred-twenty-nine, but there’s nothing to keep you from going on with this little musical exercise, well, forever. If there’s one thing that might (remember, I said might) rival the sanctity of infanticide as a holy rite in the cult of progressive liberalism, it is the sacred art of playing the race card.
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POLL: What does Al Gore regret most about inventing the Internet?

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Another Reason Al Gore Regrets Inventing the Internet

It’s hard to believe that just over seven days ago, BigGovernment.com, the website that broke the ACORN story, didn’t even exist.

In just that week’s time, the ongoing saga of corruption, child-prostitution and Charlie Gibson’s blissful ignorance has produced remarkable results and awakened many Americans to the sad realities defining mainstream media coverage and contemporary “progressive” political activism. This week’s display of good old fashioned American journalism has simultaneously cracked the ACORN nut and exposed much of the beltway’s “media elite” as little more than wholly owned tools the American Left.
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