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(NOTE: FBC is moving! As of this weekend (July 25-27, 2014), this site’s content is transitioning to its new, permanent location at www.FireBreathingChristian.com. The site you are now visiting will soon close down, so please check out the new site, subscribe to the new blog feed, and let me know what you think. Thanks for your interest, support, and patience! ~ SAB)

The Fire Breathing Christians site was launched on September 11, 2009.

My blog, Fire Breathing Christian, which you are visiting now, started up on August 31st of the same year. Both of these sites were launched so that Common Believers (meaning all who have been supernaturally saved by grace) might be encouraged to “swim deep, make waves, and be dangerous” in the best, biblical sense.

The FBC site and this blog are dedicated to the exploration of a wide variety of topics from an explicitly biblically submissive, orthodox Christian perspective, all aimed at the glorification of God and a call to repentance and perpetual personal reformation.

The blog will be updated regularly, Lord and schedule willing, so if you have any interest in the sort of sentiment expressed here, you are encouraged to subscribe via email or the RSS feed.

Everything from politics, philosophy and theology to movies, music and literature (yeah, this includes comic books) will be covered here.

The general idea is that every area of a Christian’s life is to be subjected to biblical standards, and through this approach the Christian can find true peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

That said, though the light provided through God’s Word is indeed perfect, I most certainly am not.

My blog posts are never intended as anything more than one man’s attempt at sharing what he believes to be a biblically submissive Christian perspective. While I am hopeful that my words will be of benefit, I always hope to encourage readers to test every word and concept that might flow from my keyboard in light of the perfect truth of Scripture.

I can and will make mistakes. Believe it or not, I even welcome growth through correction (though sometimes I may seem stubborn about it, so please hang in there). And while we’re on the subject of growth, it is my hope and prayer that, as the weeks, months, and years roll on here at the Fire Breathing Christians blog, you will be able to see change, growth, and increasing conformity to Christ in me through the record of these writings.

That would be very cool, I think.

Finally, a friendly word of warning: As the title implies, things can get a little hot in here.

Okay, maybe a lot hot.

Politics, religion, education, economics and the like are not subjects to be shied away from here, so if you’d rather avoid those sorts of thoughts, click away now or forever hold your piece.

For those who are interested in mixing it up in those areas, please feel free to join in and let your opinions be known.

Dissent is welcome!

I only ask that you keep in mind that people of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to read and participate here.

Please post accordingly.

So there you have it! I hope that this all sounds so irresistibly wonderful that you’ll jump right in, swim deep and make some waves…




26 Responses to About Fire Breathing Christian

  1. stugod says:

    might come back with another handle and try it from stugod


  2. BigSlick says:

    Deleting the dissent, Scott?


  3. stugod says:

    Well i did not want to get involved with this but got an email from some retard on my atheist views if he had bothered to read my profile he would understand where i am coming from i say i am an atheist because men are in charge of it especially some religions in particular no names mentioned here, This being the case it is bound to be floored just by the very nature of the beast. The abstinence from sex by some of the major religions is nothing more than joke and i believe is the cause of the various sexual deviants that frequent the profession, There can be no more unnatural act than a male not having sex and i believe it to be a biological fact that the male must have sex but i am not 100% sure about that all i know is i must from time to time. If he had read my profile he would also note that i think religion is a good thing on the whole and seems to be a good idea for people to believe in something and certainly the values of most major religions are to be applauded.NOW HERE THIS i have done work for one of the leading organised religions and to be frank if i posted it on here it would cause a bit of a stir so i am not going to Ok it is a business thing and churches are a business so i will keep it that way. Feel free to believe what you want as long as you are not hurting no one else knock your self out i will sit over here on the fence, If you know what you are talking, About a sinner that repents is just as welcome so i will just cover my back ,”just in case” and watch the scramble from over here


  4. Angel Tifa says:

    In my humble opinion, I do believe in the Socialist philosophy and do believe that it does match Christianity much better than most Americans believe it to be so. For example the Bible verse “Do not store your riches on earth” (Matthew 6:19); many capitalist Americans and corporate elites have violated that verse and and have also abused the free market system for greed and to only benefit themselves at the expense of others. Also when reading the bible, it shows right in front of us that Jesus hates greed. That is how the capitalist system has gotten to be (my family and myself being victims of corporate greed, we know this). Also if millions and millions of people are dying and not getting the help they need, that’s full blown proof that the government just is not doing enough to help which is sketcy. So how Capitalism more Christian like and not Socialism, I’ll never understand why anyone would believe that. That’s my two cents.


  5. Aaron e says:

    The article about Tyler Padgett is very far from the truth. He has been a huge part of my walk with God and to slander his name because of one sermon is definitely not christ like. Yes he can be funny but that’s his personality. You don’t have to attend the church he pastors. But don’t tear down someone’s ministry. To expect perfection from anyone short of Christ is gonna lead to disappointment and probably more blogs.


    • FireBreathingChristian says:

      The “sermon” quoted extensively and used as the foundation of this article was quoted accurately and in context.

      We are to test all things in light of Scripture, including (and especially) the proclamations of those who would presume to teach or lead within the church. Our tastes are not our guide. Our emotions our not our guide. Scripture is our guide.

      The Word warns of false teachers who will come to “tickle the ears” of those who will not tolerate sound doctrine and will instead embrace what “their itching ears want to hear”.

      I would encourage you to test the contentions made here in light of Scripture.

      Thanks for taking the time to chime in and consider these things. I hope that these clarifications are helpful.

      In His grip,


      PS – Apparently, the approval/response combo didn’t take here when I first posted it, so I am re-attempting to do so now. Thanks again.


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  12. Jennifer says:

    I stand for the truth with Our Holy father, son and holy spirit. As a woman of faith and love good luck with your blog. May those of you that don’t believe in God get to know him as he loves you perfect just as his of Faith.


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